main takeaway from these is how it’s going to cater to the fan

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main takeaway from these is how it’s going to cater to the fan

Postby elvafeng » Fri Aug 03, 2018 4:49 am

It’s considered one of the best arenas in hockey, and the Nashville Predators call it home. Bridgestone Arena is getting some well deserved upgrades.
With Bridgestone Arena’s 22nd birthday coming up, it’s only fitting that it gets some upgrades to keep it looking younger. The Nashville Predators have only known one home during their existence, and it’s Bridgestone Arena.

The arena is seeing 12 million in renovations in time for the new season, per a report from the Tennessean. These renovations aren’t just cosmetic, and a lot of them will be very beneficial to the fan experience. We all know how spectacular the fan experience at Bridgestone Arena already is. Making it even better is almost hard to believe.
What’s really amazing about Bridgestone Arena is how young it still looks. A huge tip of the cap is owed to team CEO Sean Henry. If you have ever heard him do an interview, he’s impossible not to like. He’s keeping this facility relevant and as modern as it can be in 2018. That’s no easy feat considering some of the newer facilities being built in sports.

The highlights of the renovations
The main takeaway from these is how it’s going to cater to the fan. Doing things like this keep the fans coming back, while also building news fans who still haven’t jumped on the hockey bandwagon yet. The better the fan experience, the more sellouts you’re going to have. It’s also going to keep Predators fans in the seats and avoid getting overrun by opposing fans. It’s awesome that Henry is listening to the fans when making these decisions.

A new sound system is being installed to enhance the fan experience. It really doesn’t sound bad now, so I can only imagine how it will sound better. There’s many occasions when it’s so loud in there from screaming fans, that a sound system isn’t really noticed.

Along with the arena sounding better, it will look flashier as well. The signs scattered all across the inner bowl that cause static electricity are being removed. New LED signage will make the arena pop a lot more. It will be a cool look for both fans at the game and fans watching at home.

Finally, the team store and concessions are getting some additions. We already know about the switch from Pepsi products to Coke products. Now the arena is adding another Twice Daily convenience store, which is a brilliant idea. A new bar in the lower concourse near the main team store will also be added. If you’re looking to buy a new jersey when the new season starts, the team is announcing a jersey roller coaster. Whichever jersey you decide, a roller coaster will be in motion to deliver your jersey. I can’t wait to see that in action.
The future of Bridgestone Arena
I can only speculate that Bridgestone Arena has many more years left. The team and city have taken great care of it over the past two decades. It’s truly remarkable it’s already turning 22 years old. Things can always rapidly change, but the relationship between the team and city officials seems great. The Predators are a vital part of the city’s growth, so I can’t see anything occurring to jeopardize that relationship.

Eventually, tough decisions will have to be made regarding the long term future. The team’s arena lease runs to 2028, so there’s time to figure things out. Team officials from all sports should take a page out of what the Nashville Predators have done to keep Bridgestone Arena looking its best Yannick Weber Jersey, and ultimately keeping the fans happy.

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Re: main takeaway from these is how it’s going to cater to the fan

Postby cailynmaison » Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:55 am

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