Panel Feedback: Smash Bros, Korra, Fallout, Morals in Gaming

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Panel Feedback: Smash Bros, Korra, Fallout, Morals in Gaming

Postby avatarem » Mon Nov 02, 2015 7:42 am

Hi everyone,

As you probably know, I ran/organized 4 panels this Youmacon, and it was quite a bit of work, and especially stressful before the con. Although it was a great experience, I would like constructive criticism and opinions from all of those who attended my panels. I'm definitely only going to stick to 1-2 panels for next year, because 4 was too much work between school/work.

Personally, I thought the most successful of these panels were Super Smash Bros. and Morals in Gaming, while Fallout and Avatar/Korra were not as successful as they could have been (as a whole). The panelists and I would really love if any attendees could provide feedback so we can only improve. I'm so happy that all of our panels did receive good feedback, which is awesome. I have a few questions that would help me a lot if answered :D Please help me out.

Panels ran: Out of the Vault, Into the Wasteland: A Fallout Panel, For Fun or For Glory?: A Super Smash Bros. Panel, Avatar State: An Interactive Legend of Korra panel, and The Power of Choice: Morals in Video Gaming

1. What panels should be brought back for next Youmacon? Which ones shouldn't?
2. Should any of these panels be submitted for Midwest Media, Shuto Con, or other local cons? Why/why not?
3. Should Character Impersonations be taken out of any of these and/or shortened?
4. What do you expect out of a great panel? What did you expect from any of these panels and their respective fandoms?
5. Should a panel continue to run for more than 1-2 years? If a series ended, is it not as fun to go to/more irrelevant?
6. Which is better: audience games about the show/game/etc. or educational analysis and discussion?
7. Any other thoughts about any of these panels/suggestions on audience games and events?

Thanks to all who came to my panels :D It was a fun Youmacon.
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