2013 Lip Dub

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2013 Lip Dub

Postby herenity86 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:16 pm

I haven't seen this posted yet, so I thought I would post it myself! I've been dying to do an Anime Lip Dub and got to thinking why not? I've never experienced one before, and with all the cosplays I plan on doing, it would be rather interesting to maybe do a mash up of different songs. I am pretty sure all that has to be done is a certain song gets played, you pick a few people and have them lip dub certain parts at certain locations, and put it all together, and do some major editing which I am pretty sure if it does get done that someone does have a program to make it look all uber high quality. So whose in? Is there anyone with a good high quality camera that wouldn't mind doing this on say a Saturday afternoon?
Some ideas of having it start up is going into a panel, and have someone ask whoever it is that will be running it to answer said question, and the answer can be the start of the song?

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