anime sleepers

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anime sleepers

Postby cascade » Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:49 am

i know late at night when the con has calmed down we TRY to stay up as late as possible. i know my limits so this doesnt apply to me but sometimes people fall asleep in the anime rooms. now a few questions come to mind when this happens.

1. honestly now why cant you let a guy sleep. if he LOOKS like he is watching the show dont get right next to him to check. let him sleep.

2. if you wake them up why does staff ALWAYS make a scene of it like the guy stole something? last year this one guy was shooken violently and yelled at. the guy said he just accidently fell asleep and apoligized (which we must admit happens) but he was continued to be yelled at until he left.

3. when its 3 a.m and your in a dark room. what do you think is gonna happen? honestly. you think youmacon be used to this by now. last year one guy was sleeping in a anime room cause his roomate had a girl up there and told him to "come back later" so sometimes there are reasons.

honestly now cant this be something thats overlooked? it doesnt hurt anyone and really would you prefer us out in the open? no i didnt think so :no:
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Re: anime sleepers

Postby Ginji-kun » Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:33 pm

There is a very easy reason why we can not let a person sleep in the anime rooms. The fact is if you give a person an inch, they will take a mile. This is especially true with a large group gathering like a convention. If it gets out that sleeping is allowed in an anime room, you'll soon find an entire room full of people in sleeping bags trying to get in on free sleeping space. Yes we are aware it is a dark space and you may fall asleep but the fact that if you are not able to stay awake then you need to realize that you have hit your limit with your energy and its time to go get some sleep. The fact is that if you don't want your limits as a con you will find that you have a bad convention experience. Just because it is a con doesn't mean you should push yourself to the breaking point every time.

I'm sorry if you feel that my staff did not handle the individual in the most cordial manner. My department always tries to be as friendly as possible with people. The fact is that we true to handle waking people with as much sensitivity as possible. I do believe I remember hearing about this individual. The fact was that he received multiple warning about not sleeping in class.
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