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Posting Rules

Postby ngsilver » Thu Sep 22, 2005 12:52 pm

We dont ask a lot, but here are the rules for posting in this Video Programing forum.

    * We ask that our members please be considerate of others browsing this forum and stay on topic when replying to threads. We don't want someone coming into a thread for information to have to read through post after post of random off topic posts when trying to find information and comming up empty handed. We have an off topic forum for that, please keep it there.

    * We also ask that anyone creating a new thread please read the other threads already here to see if the new topic or question cannot be asked in any of those threads. (Such as keeping AMV contest questions or Programing Schedule questions in their respected threads) This keeps questions and answers in the same place, making it easier for people browsing to find information in one place, rather then many.

    * We also ask that all new threads should be on the topic of video programing, so that they belong in this forum.

Your cooperation in these matters will be greatly apprecieated.

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