Missed Connections

Includes photos, reports, and suggestions from our ninth year.

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Missed Connections

Postby Hethran » Sun Nov 03, 2013 10:59 pm

I made a thread for this last year, and I'm making one for this year as well. Post information about who you're seeking contact with, and info about who you were.

For me: I wasn't in cosplay this year; I wore a Haruka and Michiru (from Sailor Moon) t-shirt on Friday, an Ouran Host Club t-shirt and Saturday, and a Doctor Whooves shirt on Sunday. (my profile picture is of me in cosplay from last year)

I met several really cool people:

I met an awesome MyUnit cosplayer at the Fire Emblem panel! It was awesome how obsessed you were with FE Awakening, I wish I had the time and dedication to invest all that time and play all the DLCs, etc. I'd love to exchange contact info with the other people I met at the panel, too! (the panelists, and the Lucina and "Marth" cosplayers, though I didn't get to talk as much with them sadly.)

There were also two awesome Panty and Stocking cosplayers and their two friends that I met on the People Mover on Friday! One of you mentioned that you shipped Haruka/Michiru as well, I remember!

Several people at the impromptu photoshoot after the Steins;Gate panel! Especially the person I talked at length with about time travel and about another convention she went to.

And I know there were several other people I met at Youmacon and had fun talking to, not limited to the above, so if you met me, please feel free to send me a PM!

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Re: Missed Connections

Postby Time Lady Katie » Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:10 pm

The Ymir/Christa couple Sunday afternoon in Dealers who kissed for me when I mentioned being a yuri fangirl. You were so lovely! I was Raine Sage (white hair, staff, orange coat). I'd love to tag you in those pictures, you deserve the credit.

Really anyone who attended Talk Yuri to Me or Lily Girls; I hosted. You guys rocked.

The guy I talked Atelier with on the People Mover who got into a fight with an escalator on Thursday and lost hard on his way to my panel.
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Re: Missed Connections

Postby Emi » Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:13 pm

Looking for the adorable girl who really wanted to take me and my friend's picture on Friday while we were Maid Madoka and Sayaka! We ran into you twice - once in the PreReg line and once in the food court. We looked for you for a while afterwards and you said you'd be cosplaying Touhou later that day. Would really like to know who you are since I feel terrible that it didn't work out! <3 <3 <3

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Re: Missed Connections

Postby Kostes » Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:45 pm

To anyone from the JJBA panel, I was the main host. If I seemed kind of off-putting/frazzled, that was the nervousness kicking in. I'm not usually like that lol . If any of you guys wanted to keep in contact or anything, we can trade contacts. You all were completely fabulous, hopefully we'll be back to pose some more

To the girl with the fuzzy hat I was dancing around with at the very end of the Saturday rave, hat battling, and ended it all with a hug. You seem super awesome, feel free to shoot me a message if you think the same.

And to the party soldier in the pre-rave that showed me and my buddy the wonders of the McNasty, you're awesome.
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Re: Missed Connections

Postby C0dy » Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:47 pm

To the girl who asked us to be in her music video as we were leaving Friday night - I'm sorry we didn't run into you on Saturday. We kept an eye out for you but in the end we couldn't track you down and for that I apologize :(

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Re: Missed Connections

Postby Noah » Mon Nov 04, 2013 12:51 am

The girl from my sociology class who I saw at the food court. You missed the last day of class last week where we meet on campus.

I sat next to you at class, but I don't even know your name. Hell, I've never talked to you. Pretty weird how you waved to me when i was with my friends havin lunch considering you're someone I had a little crush on before youma. Everyone has crushes on people that they just sort of shrug it off. I just kind of shrugged it off the tiny one I had on you and focused on the class. It's just kind of a weird coincidence is all. you probably don't even care, but hey, maybe this is worth mentioning?

If you ever feel like getting to know each other as friends, feel send me a message here or skype (yamamarro). If not or you never see this message, that's alright too

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Re: Missed Connections

Postby chrislwallace15 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:52 am

To the girl that I met playing the game with the controllers by the food court ( i believe it is called ninja). on Saturday night. Didn't really get to talk to you much. But would love to be your friend. From what I could tell you where pretty awesome. I was the guy in the trust me I am a doctor shirt, that asked if you where a dancer/ or into martial arts, after you nearly roundhouse kicked me haha!

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Re: Missed Connections

Postby Melodux » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:53 am

I'm looking for a guy that my friend and I met on Thursday {I think his name was Mark, but it was hard to hear, and a lot of that weekend was a blur, so I apologize >.<}. In the video game room he asked two short girls, one with red hair and glasses, the other had brown hair and a Cake backpack, about where parties were at. Unfortunately, we didn't know. However, he mentioned that this was his first year at Youmacon and that he wasn't too fond of it thus far. I'm rather curious to see if his enjoyment improved. Feel free to PM me if you read this!

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Re: Missed Connections

Postby robinmarie810 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:52 pm

Ok, I feel like a dork doing this, but there was this guy at the Saturday night rave that was on the right side of the rave all night. He was in a black cloth mask and blue bandanna and he was in the dance circle most of the rave or dancing with me. I had to leave rather quickly and all I got was his name, Rod. I was in the neon fishnets on my arms and legs. My name is Robin. I feel horrible and wanted to find him again but couldn't. Please HELP :fingerscrossed:

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Re: Missed Connections

Postby underourcontrol » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:20 pm

there was a Konan cosplayer that I had met at the bottom of the escalator near the people mover
I started to talk to him randomly while smoking
and his response was
"Don't force small talk with me, I';m only here to die."
or something along those lines.
We had a talk about suicide rates and such which i wouldnt really expect from anyone xD so i liked it
I really liked to be able to talk to him
but I had missed the popo :?: panel he had wanted me to go with him too
you were really fun and different to talk to.
hope you see this message and message me
if youre not to busy dying.
That kills people....

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Re: Missed Connections

Postby AlucardsDarkness » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:23 pm

There were 2 Organization XIII cosplayers I met in the front entrance of the Ren Cen with the glass roof and what-not. 1 of them was cosplaying as Axel and 1 was cosplaying as Luxord. I believe they were both females (I was very tired but Im certain they were) Axel had 2 chakrams and Luxord had what looked like pencil or stencil sort of facial hair. I had asked the Luxord cosplayer if I could add her to facebook (would have asked Axel aswell but she seemed busy and I figured I could find her on Luxord's page) and she said yes and told me her web address (the spot you type in the website) to give me a short cut to her page rather than typing in her name because her name was in Japanese. I attempted to type in the web address but seen no way to add the person so sent a message and got a response a while later saying "you have the wrong person" and I noticed the person I messaged actually lived in Japan and what-not. If anyone knows either of these cosplayers please let me know. Thanks.

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Re: Missed Connections

Postby animalkrazy3992 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:32 pm

, Greetings felow con peoples :) I am hoping to find a little black cat I met at youmacon, he was very sweet , he has shoulder length brown curly hair with black & purple ears with a black tail and he also has glassesi met him in the game roomII where they had D&D, magic and other games. we were supose to exchange numbers but something came up :( if anyone remembers a cosplayer who did dr. Horrible in a steampunk version that is his older brother. If anyone knows who these 2 very kind gentleman are please tell me! I will offer a cookie as a reward!
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Re: Missed Connections

Postby Ashura09 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:58 pm

This con was full of nice people that I would love to stay in contact with :3

I'm mainly looking for the people from these pictures, but feel free to message me if you saw me (was just in an Alois jacket with a Death the Kid messenger bag) I hope to be able to make new friends from the people I met at the con <3

oh, I also hung out with this adorable Ciel cosplayer throughout the convention <3
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Re: Missed Connections

Postby Anepictimelord » Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:01 pm

I saw two /amazing/ Homestuck cosplayers. One was a **** tier Aradia that had makeup so good she looked almost exactly like the webcomic. Second was a crosplay Gamzee during his rampage that had the face make up done so perfectly horrifying. I saw her Saturday at the Homestuck photoshoot but it was too crowded to get a picture and then again Sunday but she wasn't in her makeup then. If anyone has photos of either of them I would love them.

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Re: Missed Connections

Postby pfredflyer » Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:05 pm

This Link https://scontent-b-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hph ... 0549_n.jpg and her two friends. One was dressed as Mabel and the other wasn't dressed up. I ran into them like 15 times on Saturday and then when I told them I'd get their info later because we were bound to see each other again, they disappeared. They were just super nice and I wanted to be friends with them :D If anyone knows that would be awesome! Oh and this Deadpool!!! https://scontent-b-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hph ... 0925_n.jpg I only saw her once but she was hilarious :3

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