Youmacon 2013 Official Feedback

Includes photos, reports, and suggestions from our ninth year.

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Re: Youmacon 2013 Official Feedback

Postby Sally » Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:37 am

BoomTakeThat wrote:
BoomTakeThat wrote:
thatsme2 wrote:
Honestly, having worked youma this year I can tell you that I needed a week to recover, all I did was volunteer 20hrs, on top of all the panels i went to and other events. Most of the actual staff worked on the con for majority of the year and worked 16-20hr days for the event. I know a couple that made it clear they would not be responding to anything for at least 2 weeks. So give them a little more time, it's not a matter of tear down time, or of not caring. They devote so much to the con that they need some personal time now that it is over before starting work on next year.

No joke! I understand, this is a job. I told myself that I would give the time length of a month...a month. If I don't receive a reply to [this] or other things in my life in month, i figure that the person/team cares little or at all. I always give people the benefit of the doubt. You guys work a untraditional job putting this together and i'm not in a huge rush, my email (in time) on my phone will tell me almost asap. See but people don't know that you guys need time (or plan on that length) to recover from this in such a fashion so, work with us too :) much longer should I wait admins? I'm starting to go with the "team cares little or not all." Lack of communication seems to be an issue when it comes to answering emails, replying to feedback forms, and these forums...and overall responsibility. Only one supposed admin....come on. I'll come back in another couple weeks and see if I get an answer to my original post.

Might wanna send another email. It is possible that the Youmacon email accounts are being neglected too due o not wanting to think about the con until absolutely necessary. Not saying that that is right but what can you do? We don't have phone numbers to call them and we can't IM them. You can try sending a PM on here and see if that works.

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