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Includes photos, reports, and suggestions from our eighth year.

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BaronKarza :)

Postby heavens-punisher » Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:04 pm

this last year i ran into alot of people i didnt mean to run into lol. Brad swail, Doug walker and SPG but one person kinda helped me feel better about my cosplay :)

as some of you know on the last day of the con a group of guys put a makeshift green lantern ring on the joe louis fist. i (being green lantern) got up there and did some poses. now i have always felt my green lantern costume was never up to par with most that i see and lets face it my weight doesnt exactly help :kirby:

a guy started to set up lights and stuff around and asked if he could "light me up" i never mind if someone wants a picture so i said no prob. he took quite a few and gave me his tumbler and said sometime he would upload them. well i lost that paper and after sooo long of searching i found it. it wasnt until i did some reading that the guy was baron Karza!!! the guy makes a living doing pro photos of cosplays!!!

all the bad things i think i had about my cosplas he brought out and frankly...i think i look damnn good 8) it deffinetly makes me wanna keep coming as green lantern. leave comments on what you think :)


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