Youma '12 was awesome!

Includes photos, reports, and suggestions from our eighth year.

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Youma '12 was awesome!

Postby EpicNiss17 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:41 pm

Hello all!

I am soooo super late writing this post, but it must be written. I've attended Youma since 2009 and I must say that some of my best memories have been solely at this con. I've made friends through the love of going to con and spazzing out for 4 (yes, 4) days straight. I've also developed a love for cosplaying and meeting new people and taking photos and feeling confident in who I am as a person. Thank you Youmacon!

But I must say, last year I made a wonderful memory! I got engaged on November 3rd at Youmacon! In cosplay! It was the probably the best way I could've ever gotten engaged! That is my memory and I wanted to share it because I really appreciate having a place to go every year that feels like a second home. Best con ever, thank you to the staff and attendees for helping me make a great memory!

P.S. See you this year! 218 days left!
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