Edd and Eddy want to thank YOU!

Includes photos, reports, and suggestions from our eighth year.

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Edd and Eddy want to thank YOU!

Postby dogapult » Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:21 pm

Hi Eddy and Double Dee here. We wanted to stop in and say thank you to everyone at Youmacon who gave us a quarter. We actually did buy jawbreakers, and we wanted to share them with you.

Here is a link to an album with all the pictures of us that we found. If you have any more please send us links and we will add them to the album. OR POST THEM HERE.
Also, I suppose if you can show which picture is yours, I'll credit you with taking it in the description.



In closing,
Thanks for the quarters, saps!*
*not meant to be rude, just in character. Eddy calls everyone saps.

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Re: Edd and Eddy want to thank YOU!

Postby BlaqNocte » Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:32 pm

<3 not a problem
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Re: Edd and Eddy want to thank YOU!

Postby AdorkableDoubleD » Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:25 am

Omg awesome! Yay! You're SO welcome Eddy and Double D, you guys ROCK! :D :D :D

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