Youmacon 2012 Official Feedback

Includes photos, reports, and suggestions from our eighth year.

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Re: Youmacon 2012 Official Feedback

Postby heavens-punisher » Sat Jun 22, 2013 5:58 pm

now im not saying Youmacon is in the clear cause there not. theres some things that they should have done diffrently. for example they should have spread there staff out just a bit more. a example is when i read in many places that registration had to many staff members and then reading cobo was understaffed. self explanitory here. as for program guides i agree Youmacon should have been on this earlier. not all but most cons have the guides a couple of weeks before the con. youmacon should have done the same.

However the really big issues such as the long registration line wasnt Youmacons fault. it was the hotels. Youmacon planned to have Registration in the ambasadors balloroom III which would have provided plenty of space and made things go somewhat easier. 8 days before the con the hotel said they couldnt use it and every other spot youmacon tried to use the hotel said "no" so youmacon did the only thing they could do 2 DAYS BEFORE THE CON. but the hotel didnt stop there. Youmacon itself was unaware and shocked at the wristband thing. NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE knew this was coming. youmacon itself was a bit aggitated that the marriott did this. but i talked to a few people who worked there and found the reason the hotel did it was cause in 2011 and sure as dirt it happen in 2012. people booked whole floors of the hotel and would sell the rooms off to others. this cost the hotel money and causes a fire hazard. but even though the hotel had its reasons a heads up would have been nice.

as for the walk between cobo and the ren cen theres nothing anyone can do about it. you have a 5 min walk between venues. honestly i found i rarely let the ren cen since the guests i wanted to see i met walking around the ren cen and everything i wanted was there except maybe 2 things.

now we as congoers cant complain to hard or to much. idk maybe im just one of those people who are thankful for everything they have or you can somewhat call me a pushover but if we complain to much the hotel CAN tell us to take a hike. from what im told its happen before. all the money the hotel makes comes from us booking rooms so if hey told us to take a hike they would still make money since people would still book there. so really its no real loss there.

i honestly think thats why they did what they did they know we cant bite the hand that feeds us at the moment since there is no other place for us to go but if somebody must be blamed it is the hotel. had things ran the way youmacon planned. the staff wouldnt have been so short handed and registartion wouldnt have been long. this is just how i see things

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Re: Youmacon 2012 Official Feedback

Postby DragonGirl007 » Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:37 pm

Hey it's me again!

Clearly I had a lot to complain about last year's con, haha.

I never saw the sign for the People Mover passes anywhere. If it was a huge sign, where was it? Because clearly I was blind as a bat... :lol:

As far as the split between both venues - it was a hassle but I got used to it in the end, sucked it up and rode the People Mover back and forth. Not that that was a bad thing mind you. It just was a bit of an annoyance to constantly shell out 75 cents a pop for a one way ride there and back. I could have taken the Riverwalk, but at the time I didn't really know about it and wasn't sure how to get to Cobo via walking (I am inept with directions.. GPS on my phone is a god-send), so I assumed the only walking route was through the city proper.

The other complaints regarding the Platinum badge perks (the t-shirt debacle and insane registration line) I feel are still valid. It should never have taken that long to get my badge, regardless if the problem wasn't entirely the fault of Youmacon and its staff.

Same goes for the programs... if it seriously nearly takes the entire weekend to print programs - get a new printing service ASAP and file a report to the people the con usually employs fro that purpose because that was just wrong.

It is clear that the hotel shafted them to a degree and everyone was scrambling to pick up the pieces. Hopefully this year will be much better on that part. I plan on getting a Platinum for this year (I currently have a 3-Day that needs upgrading) and hopefully it will be much smoother and such. I am arriving on Thursday afternoon and staying the entire weekend with my boyfriend and another friend.
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