Includes photos, reports, and suggestions from our seventh year.

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Re: Shoutouts!

Postby GizmoCrisis » Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:01 am

divinelychaotic wrote:
Mugen. wrote:
Hee, thank you so much! ^_^;

I'd also like to give my shoutout to all the people in the League of Legends panel.
You guys were so cool and cute when you cheered and clapped when Annie[Me] and Tibbers came in.
I blushed so hard @///@' i didn't even know what to do!
you guys are awesome<3, !


lmaoo, awe, thanks! XD
i was surprised they even put that in there haha. x//3

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Re: Shoutouts!

Postby divinelychaotic » Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:23 am

You have two accounts? Or are you Zack? I'm so confused!

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Re: Shoutouts!

Postby gowesker53 » Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:33 pm

im a little late so.....

-all of the resident evil peps who were at the photoshoot near subway
-all the peps who got my called me by my persons name (i was barry burton) and who knew who i was
-all the peps who got a pic of me eating a sandwich :D dressed in full barry cosplay
-and last but not least the umbrella comandos who said i was their wesker when i was just a guy with blonde hair with a tatical vest
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Re: Shoutouts!

Postby Shockolate Energy » Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:28 am

Winter Breeze wrote:
CIAAPC wrote:
Winter Breeze wrote:Shoutout to the awesome Sub-Zero (I think)/Umbreon that played L4D2 with me in the game room Friday/Saturday night! You were totally cool to hang out with and I'm thankful you dealt with my noob-ness to the game XD;;;;

And an extra shout out to CIAAPC (I don't know how to spell your real name, but I know how to say it XD): Thanks for making my first-time solo con experience less lonely! I was upset that I couldn't get my friend to come up to Michigan, but you made my weekend by hanging out with a loser like me XD AGAIN, THANK YOU!!!!! :)

!!! Yay! Don't know if you seen my shoutout, but ANOTHER SHOUTOUT TO WINTER BREEZE! Because shes freakin amazing awesome sauceness! My names Cheyann, don't really care about saying that on the forums lol I don't think theres a cheyann/cheyenne/chyanne/shyann out there that spells theirs like me, BUT I'M LOOKING!!!!! I am looking >.> <.<

I don't think I'm that cool, but I'll go with it! XD Okay, now I know how to spell your name! I almost kept wanting to call you Shiloh sometimes because everyone kept calling you "Shy/Chey" X'DDDDDDDDDDDDD Thankfully I didn't XD But again, thank you for making my con weekend not boring at all! And this was the first rave that I managed to dance all the way up towards the front of the stage! For the past 2 years I have never been able to do that! O_O

OMFG I actually got a shoutout thanks dont worry we'll hang out :)
Banana dood with the petition - I hope you got all the signatures you needed! AND THAT EVERYONE BETTER HAVE SIGNED IT! :evil:
Rave girl with the glow-sticks that was a bit worried about me because of the creepy dude touching me - Yes, I'm fine. I was just very weird-ed out. Thanks for being concerned, so nice! X'D
White Furry that danced with our small group @ the rave - You were so nice! I didn't get to talk to you but my friends told me you were very sweet so I wish I could have talked to you! Hopefully I see you again ;_;
Everyone that dressed as a pony - YOU ARE AWESOME! <333333333333333
@Shockolate Energy - WE. MUST. HANG. OUT. D': (Seeing you in the elevator and at the photoshoot isn't enough! D: )
To all the Sasuke cosplayers - I LOVE YOU ALL! XDDDDDD (Even though I only took pics of you guys at the photoshoot, to shy to go up to you all in person ;w; )

Okay, I think I'm done XD;;;;
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Re: Shoutouts!

Postby ItaSasu13 » Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:49 pm

SOUL REAPER L wrote:Oh wow... so many...
I was cosplaying as L, and I came across the nicest people that anyone could ever hope to meet. You were all amazing!

In the first 30 seconds of Youmacon, I walked in and got totally fangirled. I loved it! I wish I were that popular at school! XD At least thirty people came up to me, just hugging me and taking pictures, and giving me candy! People were telling me they loved me and that I was "cute". It was so awesome!

And then I ran into this Misa.
She comes up to me and goes; "OH.... MY.... GOSH!!!!!!" And she runs to me with her friend and is like; "WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR AN L ALL DAY! WE LOVE YOU!" And she hugs me and asks for some pictures. I felt really bad though, because I gave her a lollipop and didn't have another one for her AMAZING (and I do mean amazing) friend. These two were just.... total epicness. I smile every time I think about that.
And then, I ran into them again about 3 or four times after that. And each time, they would be like; "IT'S L! OH MY GOSH, IT'S L!!!!" and they flipped out. I turned the corner and nearly passed out I was laughing so hard....

So many others if I am allowed to rave a little;
I was with my dad, who was Watari. We were at the Winter Garden, and before the photo shoot even started, about 50 or more people came and took our picture. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANT TO ME! I was really worried because I look NOTHING like L, and I was hoping that people would like my cosplay. I NEVER expected the reaction I got! I loved every minute of it!

There was an InuYasha who was amazing. I love InuYasha, and I asked him for a picture. He said; "Let me make this picture a good one" and he knelt down like the character does, and the photo turned out incredible. Then he stood up, turned to me, and said; "By the way... you make a REALLY good L." And I fainted inside. Thank you for being so kind to me!

Still more... XD

Watari and I got onto an elevator, and a group of teenagers got on. They suddenly got completely silent. Then, at the same time, they are like; "OHMIGOSH! IT'S L!" And they all whipped out these cameras and started taking pictures, and they were so nice! My dad really loved you guys because you were the first to scream out; "IT'S WATARI!" and you complimented him on his costume. You also told us that we looked mysterious, and we really appreciated that as well! THANK YOU! <3

Okay... there was also a Matt and Mello who I asked for a picture, and you were just so in character, and posed so accurately. I am a HUGE fan of Mello, and was internally falling apart by both of your costumes. You were awesome, and I would have hugged you, but Mello had the gun... and I was kind of scared O.O But thank you for including me in the photo shoot, and for watching out for me! You are so cool!

Hmmm... oh! There was a girl who cosplayed as Sasuke from the Naruto series. She was texting, and I walked by and kind of went insane. I pulled out a camera and waited for her to look up. I thought she had noticed me, and was just finishing up a text real quick. But she didn't, and I was standing there feeling like a complete idiot. And her friend (who made an INCREDIBLE Orochimaru, by the way) tapped her and she looked up and her eyes were wide. I think I scared her a little. Sorry! I am really shy, and was afraid to interrupt you! But I loved your cosplay, you were an AMAZING Sasuke, and thank you so much for the picute! You were so nice about it!

There was a woman at the Ethics of Death Note panel who walked in in an L t-shirt. Watari and I sat in the back at a table, and set up a laptop with the L logo on it. She really seemed to like that. Thank you for the support! You were so nice!

Finally... there was a Light at the photo shoot. I had to mention this. He came up, and he goes; "I want to get in here, but I'm kind of scared to get in too close to L...." and he like slowly inches away from me. Then Watari put his AK-47 to your chest, and you looked so nervous! You were such a great sport! Thank you! You made me laugh!

To everyone who was so sweet and kind to me, and who wanted a picture or a hug, you have NO idea how much that meant to me! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I wish I had a lollipop for each of you...
So if any of you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of L's (er, my) heart.

Hey I just found your post I think you were talking about me because I cosplayed as Sasuke and my friend was Orochimaru. Thanks for the shoutout I worked hard on my costume and I am glad you liked it. So you know I am returning this year as Sasuke and of course Orochimaru will be there as well.

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Re: Shoutouts!

Postby daisuke1200 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:07 pm

Well guys, bar tender cloud is back and ready to party so make sure you look for me at the con. I wont have my key blade as cloud anymore, i'll have a fairly large wooden version of the tsurugi (his advent sword) but while im genisis from crisis core i may have the keyblade. So thanks for the shouts and i can't wait to see you all! lets make this a party that no one can remember!! Oh and if you want to come add me on facebook and i'll give you the info and invite, just make sure to tell me its about the party XD

see you all soon!

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