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Postby Neotestament » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:00 am

"What if I only want to play in the game room and enter tournaments?"
Purchasing the Youmacon Championship badge gets you into the Video Game Room; as well as, the Table Top Game Room.

"How do I register for a tournament?"
Tournament registration is at the convention only. It is located within the Renaissance Center, just outside of the Ontario Ballroom in front of video gaming.

"Is there an entree fee for tournaments?"
Yes. All tournaments have a $10 entree fee. Tournaments with multiple entrees will be $10 per team member.

"Can I get a refund for a tournament if I wish to withdraw?"
Yes. Refunds are accepted at the tournament sign-up location up to an hour before the tournament.

"Can I use my platinum badge tickets to enter tournaments?"

"Can I use my own controller for tournaments?"
Yes. This is actually preferred. There will be no extra controllers on the "Focus Fire" stations.

"Can I bring my own mouse / keyboard for the PC tournaments?"
Yes, unless said accessories require driver installations.

"What if I sign-up for a 2v2/4v4/5v5 tournament, but I don't have a team?"
We will have a "Looking for Group" area near tournament sign up. You are responsible for finding a team. We will not accept single entrees or partial payment for team tournaments. 1 hour before said team tournaments we will ask for the single members to show up so that they may group together.

"What is the payout for tournaments?"
1st Place 60%, 2nd Place 30%, 3rd Place 10% of the pot after bonus is added.

"Can I bring my bag into the gameroom?"
Yes. We request that when playing a game that you please set your bag on the floor.

"Can I bring a drink into the gameroom?"
Yes, but we request that the drinks are sealable.

"Can I bring my own game into the gameroom?"
No. Stations are predicted and organized for popularity and need. If there is a particular game you would want in the room, please suggest it. We do not provide single player games unless they have a quick cycle.

"Can I take photos or video inside the gameroom?"
Please do. We encourage this. Please do not step into staff only areas unless you ask first.

"Are the arcade cabinets / mech warrior pods free-to-play?"

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