Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Includes photos, reports, and suggestions from our sixth year.

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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby Krystal » Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:13 pm

ShinigamiNin wrote:This was my first anime convention and I'm happy that my first could be Youmacon. :]
I had a blast and I was happy that this year it was at the RenCen because it is so much closer to my house.
Anyway, everything was okay. I didn't run into any rude staff or anything. The biggest problems I saw were that some places were moved and no one told con-goers, so we ended up going in every direction. Also, the way some lines were going were... -sigh- My friends and I were some of the first people in line to see Vic Mignogna so we sat up front. When it was time to get his autograph, the way the line wrapped around made the people in the front (us) in the back of the line. That really pissed me off because we were waiting forever and the line got cut. :/

Everything was good just keep things more organized.

Hey, at least you GOT to be in the line. Some people were blatantly kicked out.
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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby UMB241 » Mon Nov 22, 2010 2:28 am

First off I would like to apologize on behalf of the Volunteering Staff many of us were wearing the tactical vests , As the A.D.H. of the department I have just read many of the posts and issues and i am sorry this was our first year in this location there was allot of confusion on where things were and where we were supposed to put a line of 5 thousand people and where to put them. For those who were patents and tolerant to OUR mistakes i think you. There were several direct complaints about certain volunteers and i promise that will be taken care of. Now there is one thing i need to address, There were some of my staff that were "yelling at people" I was one of there accused people. I never yelled at any con go,er When attempting to address a huge body of people the volume is loudest in the front and the people in back can not hear you. Weather this was the case of not I am truly sorry and I would like to invite anyone who would like to send me a PM and I would be happy to fix any problems pertaining to Volunteers or the people in tac. vest. Thank you.

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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby ResidentEvilZombie » Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:59 pm

I know that I'm a little late to the party, but this is the first time I've been able to get on the fourms after youmacon. And I will admit that I haven't read all of the pages for this.

I would like to say that my older sister did infact already comment on here, and few things she mentioned I'd also like to go over. [My sister goes by glrox on the forums.]

First of all, we waited in the PRE-REGISTRATION line for 2 hours. I missed my photoshoot, I missed a panel I really wanted to go to, all because of this line. The whole point of buying my badge in advance was supposed to be so that I didn't have to deal with that crap, and that really made me mad.

First, I found it very silly that some of the most popular photoshoots were scheduled right after opening ceremonies. We came off the train and had scheduled to go straight to the lolita photoshoot. However we weren't expecting to have to wait in line only to be shuffled from place to place:

Secondly, when I got to the front of the line finally they didn't have my platinum badge. That's right, somehow they had no clue where my platinum badge was, and expected me to cough up a receipt to prove that I had purchased one. Finally after 5 minutes of this, they asked if I was a panelist. I said yes, and he said that LPO would have my badge.

So we go up two flights of stairs to LPO. They tell me that there are no panelist badges yet (which by the way I think was pretty stupid). Not even my platinum badge? Big surprise, they had no idea what to do about my platinum badge, they had no badges, and they expected me to go back downstairs to Registration and get my badge. Really? After waiting 2 hours, Registration says to go to LPO, and then LPO wants me to go to registration.

The main issue we had that weekend was because of the lack of talking between staffers. That wasn't the only time we had issues either, oh no.
we still had to go back later and get our vouchers for our free stuff, because they hadn't bothered to give them to us.

And on my panelist badge reimbursement:
It was Saturday night before my sister got the reimbursement for her platinum/panelist badge. Because no one was knowledgable to deal with it.

And I know that MagiusT commented:
I was giving out reimbursements all day Friday from about 11am-10pm, and was only gone periodically to deal with other issues. I'd say by 8pm Friday 92% of all the panelists had received their badges/reimbursements/etc. The other 8% just either never showed up or wasn't arriving until Saturday.

The reason I got my reimbursement on saturday was because I was turned away several times and told to come back later to get it. Every time I went there either you wernt there or you were busy with something else. I came back many times to get the reimbursement on friday, and on saturday. They finally asked me for my number to call me and have me come back for my money. By that time I was waiting in line for the masquerade.

Other issues I had were:

Now, I know a lot has been said about the elevators. The people "going down to come back up", the "shove themselves in even though the elevator has already reached critical mass", the "3-5 floorers", and just plainly "not enough elevators".

Now, I'm not going to say that we should have people guarding the elevators, or in the elevator to keep this shenanignins from happeneing. Although that'd be nice, it's frankly not possible.

I was pummled, pushed, and all around harrassed for/in the elevators. I was on the 47th floor, and I had to walk down to the 25th floor to get into an elevator.

All I am asking is that we put a standard guide to elevators in the pamplet, post something on the website, even maybe talk about proper elevator ettiquette at the opening ceremonies. It needs to be common knowledge that if people say the elevator is full, the elevator is full. And those with big costumes should not be crowded, or shoved, so as not to damage costumes of people who worked months to look good. [Here's lookin to you Princess Tutu group.]

I didn't mind the rencen. In fact I really liked it. It was nice and pretty. But I was so confused, and the hotel staff was no help in finding anything. I asked so many times where was ___ to a staffer and they either didn't know, or they told me to go ask ___. This goes back to the "staffers not communicating issue again." And I understand the need to move some attractions to bigger places, but I had to learn through helpful congoers where the autographs had been moved not through staff.

Also. Everything was so far away from each other. I was literally running from one side of the con to the other just to get to all the panels that I wanted to go through. [Just wanted to comment on this, although I don't think you can do anything about it. *shrugs*]

Thirdly about the Location, I would have liked more signs. Maybe a bigger map in the booklet, or even a seperate bigger map included in the bag that is given to us when we get our badges.

.....Okay, I don't want to rant about how bad the staff was or how stupid this or that was, however; Youmacon staffers need to understand something. This is a con. People are excited. People are spacey, and at times, we are on edge ourselves. The con goers should appreciate and respect the staff, but so should it be visa versa.

I don't know exactly who said this earlier, but it's the truth. I had a staffer try to take my badge because I "cut in line" when what actually happened was that another staffer put me there to start the platinum badge line. Thankfully that staffer had come back to see what was going on when I was nearly in tears, and told that staffer to lay off. And speaking of platinum lines, the staffers had no idea what to do when it came to platinum lines.

Anyway. There were a few staffers, [like the one who helped me out], that were amazing. The V for Vendetta staffer was extremley helpful, and many of the pumpkin shirts were great. I know a majority of the people were bashing the staffers, but there some really helpful staffers.

Other Congoers
Many congoers I met were so nice. I loved the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, [they even helped me out after I got lost], and I met so many others that were great.

The ones I did have issues with however... they were so bad. Please don't be an a**hole because you "need" to get somewhere. If there is no room in the elevator, we can not budge over to fit you, even the staffer on our elevator was telling you that.

If a congoer is ill, please let them through first. We had a stint on saturday where there was a goer and her friend trying to get back to her room because she was having an athsma attack and needed her inhaler which she had forgotten. But there was this woman who tried to shove her way onto the elevator in front of the girl. We had to make her leave to let the other girls get on and when we did that, she got angry and said the other girl was faking.

But with everything that went wrong I must say I had an amazing time. The congoers that were helpful and amazing, the staffers who went out of their way to help me and my lostness/freaking-outitude, the guest who helped me out even though they didn't have to [Vic Mignona helped me find my way to an autograph shoot to another guest]... Thank you so much. The panels I went to were great, and the people who showed up to my sister and I's panel were so nice... Overall I did have a great time.

I've been going to Youmacon for a while now, and while I must say this year was a mess, and it wasn't the best year I've gone to, I had great time this year. :)
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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby Lina » Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:12 pm

I apologize that many of us didn't know where things were. There are plenty of staff members that are not from Michigan or don't live close enough to the Ren Center to scout it out prior to the convention. I am one of those. I live roughly 5-6 hours from the Ren Center and absolutely do not have the time to scout it out. I didn't arrive til early evening on Thursday and had to help my department out so we could set up for that evening and some people don't arrive til Friday. It took me nearly the whole weekend to really get a hang of where everything was, but I tried my best to help people out. I some times ran around looking for other staff members (and higher ups) who might be able to help better than I because I don't really know things outside of my department and I'm sure the same goes for a lot of other staff members. Especially when it came to panelist badges. I wouldn't expect Video Gaming Staff to know stuff that has to do with Video Programming, etc. Plenty of attendees probably expect staff members to know everything, but it is just not possible for a lot of us.

I honestly hope Youma will use a twitter account to announce things such as, "Panelist badges are now available. Go to [insert room here on floor number]" or "[insert panel name here] has been moved to [insert room here on floor number]", etc. You don't need a smart phone to get tweets. You just need to allow text messages from twitter. It works really well!

I'd like to really emphasize that the hotel did not want signs posted on the walls since people are still complaining about that. I'd also like to emphasize that the hotel really under estimated how many people would come and I'm sure many of us staffers didn't expect a 3k attendee jump from last year so some things were placed where it really shouldn't have because of how many people there were. Now that we and the hotel know what to expect we can fix it for next year.

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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby youjik33 » Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:46 pm

You know, it seems like so much confusion this year involved Platinum badges... I'm starting to wonder if the con shouldn't consider ditching them. They seem to be getting to be a bit of an issue as the convention grows bigger. I don't know how much extra dough they bring in for the con, though... if it's a significant amount I can see why you might be reluctant to do so.
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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby torinkerr » Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:21 pm

This Youmacon was my first convention, and it was amazing. I had almost no experiences with rudeness. I enjoyed the events that I was able to attend immensely. The problems I did have centered around the lines and the elevators. I and my friends were continually shuffling between lines trying to find out where we were supposed to go, especially with regards to the pre-registration and autograph lines. The areas that those were set up in did not work well at all. I believe that having signs of some nature next year would improve matters considerably. Additionally, the line after the Hour with Vic panel was very poorly handled and I was unable to get his autograph as a result. I was very disappointed.

The only other problem that I encountered involved the elevators, but I do not know how to improve circumstances regarding their overcrowding. I may need to leave an additional 30 minutes before events next year, because that was generally the length of time required to move between my room and the convention floors.
Overall, I had a wonderful experience, one which I fully intend to enjoy again next year.

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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby Caja » Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:32 pm

Handicapped access: This is a big problem but mostly with the way the building was designed. First of all, is there anyway for someone in a wheelchair to get to the second floor of the RenCen (the one with the glass walkway, skywalk to Millender center and people mover access)? I don't think the elevators had a stop there. Ideally, GM would build 2 new sets of elevators just for traveling between the first 5 floors but I don't see that happening any time soon due to expense.
But I do think there needs to be serious consideration for more ways to go between the floors. Maybe some ramps (ADA slope) to go between floors could be added at some point in the near future. Again, I understand that would be probably too much to ask in time for next year but maybe it could be kept in mind as an eventual goal.

They said that there is an elevator for wheelchair users in this building. However, there must be a sign for notification. I hope next year they will put a sign for wheelchair users' accessibility.
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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby Chamelion » Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:17 am

Now that the hotel and staff know what to expect; and if Youmacon PLANS for 10,000 people to be there, a lot of this years confusion can be taken care of.

I personally love the Platinum badges, just can we get volunteers and staff to UNDERSTAND and position the separate lines like they are supposed too? Instead of Platinum guests having to 'inform them'? :)

Ah well.

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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby 8prieskd » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:40 am

I though the con was ok, some of the times for events could have been placed better, nicer staff would also be a plus for next year, longer shougi match!!!, being allowed to take staffs/props (that are not to big) into the dealers room so no one can steal your prop (by setting it aside the entrance) better location for registration traffic, more pre registration proctors instead of just one at the badge pick-up. The Ren-Cen is a great location plenty of space, great food source (food court), nice to have a CVS in walking distance for items you might have forgotten or run out of. The Elevators were the only thing that really pissed me off, better management would be nice for them especially on the last day when everyone is scrambling to check out, maybe talk with the hotel staff and see if they can allow check out times past noon so the elevators are not so crowded.

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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby Lina » Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:30 pm

I like the idea of having somewhere to put props because I definitely would not want to walk around in the dealers room carrying a huge prop and accidentally hitting someone. I wouldn't want to get hit by a prop either. Looking at your profile picture, I wouldn't want you to bring your prop in because it looks like a pretty big prop. I wouldn't want to accidentally get hit with that especially in a crowded dealers room.

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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby Super » Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:51 am

My first con, and I gotta say, I'm missing it big time. It's only been a little over a month and I'm wishing just to head back down to Detroit and do it all over again. I'm sure almost everything I could say at this point has been said, seen, discussed at length, but I thought hey, nobody is completely the same. So here's a quick rundown of things I thought were awesome.

The parking: Everything was so close! On Thursday we ended up in the furthest area, and yet we still didn't have to walk very far at all. The location makes it really easy.

The food convenience: Oh man, the food court was great - although it could of been open a little later... Maybe talk to the RenCen staff next year and work something out?

Main Programming, Panel 2 and Panel 1 rooms - Huge rooms, and it never got too hot.

The staff- I had nothing but great encounters with helpful staff and, on occasion, take charge elevator conductors.

But there was certainly a lot that could be improved. And I don't just mean with guests(But seriously, no TGWTG? Why not?! I know they aren't anime/japan oriented but their wonderfully funny and very entertaining - my friends who went in 2009 were very pleased with them).

The schedule - flipping through the scheduling book, I found a lot of panels at the same time that tore my interests and caused a lot of clashes, giving up one like-minded panel for another, and ended up spending most of one of the days in my room playing Brawl(we made the most of it, don't give me wrong. <3 you Box of Danger/Dangerous BOOOAAARRXX). There was a ton of conflicts and it all seemed very haphazard. I know some panels dropped but when the Team Four Star Panel had to be cut in half(for the second year in a row, I think?), it was very frustrating.

The lines - Lines are just something we have to live with, but when they're winding around, up and down staircases with little to no rhyme or reason, I found myself in the wrong line facing the wrong direction more than once - before my Platinum badge kicked in and it started to be worth the money I paid for it. Then lines weren't much of a problem. :lol:

Outside of that, elevators made me angry that I spent roughly 2 and a half hours collectively waiting for them, and once ended up climbing down 50 flights of stairs - and for a guy my size, well... I couldn't walk for a week afterwords. Or rather, take stairs or anything that required me to bend my legs.

Here's to hoping for some more fun next year, and a broader focus as far as guests are concerned.

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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby KraZGurl » Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:28 am

I have to say, it was pretty crazy this year. I have to say, I did like the placement of the AA- a lot of people moving through there. That made me happy. Also, really late to the party, sorry!

However, I do have to say that the registration for AA was rather frustrating. I understand there were troubles though. I can say it's less frustrating than other conventions, even with all the troubles it had. Though, I would like to start getting updates earlier, so as to quell people's frustration.

I doubt this will happen, but having an elevator for AA and Dealers for a couple hours in the morning would be nice. Not really for me- I can manage to get down the flights of stairs with my stuff, but what really got me to thinking was one of the people for the photobooth. He had been waiting for an hour on my floor to get an elevator with 300lbs of camera equipment. Not only that, but the longer AA and Dealers wait for an elevator, the more we miss out on (customers, exposure for art, ect.)

Also, while I am glad it was fixed right away, I was really frustrated with the one lane of AA being shut down. Had it not been remedied as quickly as it was, I was seriously considering having my AA badge refunded. Let this not happen again.

To everyone complaining about the wait time in the registration line- the bigger the convention, the longer it is. It's the way things are. Things did need to be organized a bit more... but the wait will still be there.

While I didn't have as many problems with staff as I was at my AA table most of the con, but I was yelled at once for using the stairs (as I had waited for an hour for an elevator and was beginning to feel ill from eating fast food.) However, most of my dealing with the staff were great, and a BIG THANKS to the AA ADH for giving me that Crayon when I was that dead tired. It helped.

I had a case of stealing at my booth. It was only a 3$ item, but that's not the point. Not cool. Especially since that was an item SET ASIDE, UNDER MY TABLE for a customer.

Food court for the win. Bummed about the hours, but, from what I hear, they extended them the best they could when they realized how many people would be there. Hopefully, for next year, they will have the kinks worked out.

The rave was great. I had not intended to stay there for most of the night, but I did, and it was worth it.

Game room was great. Loved the layout. Wish I had a chance for the PS3 move, but I couldn't stay in the game room for long periods of time.

Dealers room- q_q Didn't get the chance to see it. Sad panda is I.

Anyways, it was a good year. I can't wait to come next year, and here's to hoping that the worst kinks are worked out. :D My deviantART

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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby AyaYuna » Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:27 am

Really late at posting this, and i'm probably going to repeat things that have already been said, so just ignore those parts if it happens, there's no way i'm reading through all 33 pages of this.

First off, the layout of the new hotel. My friends and I hated it. It was so separated that it lost that con feel. Everything was on small separate floors, so running into people the way you normally did was almost impossible. This wouldn't have been so bad if the Lobby was in an area that people had to walk through, so that you had a central hub for things and people to meet and chill, but the lobby was so far removed from everything that it was pointless to even go down there.

The stairs. There should have been some sign, announcement, something, to not go into them. Because basically, once you went in, you couldn't get out till you were in the basement. Meaning if you got in on the 74th'd have to walk down 74 flights of stairs before you were able to get out. My own group took the stairs, as I heard did other people I know, and we were lucky enough that someone heard us pounding on the door, and let us out. Normally at cons, taking stairs is what you do in order to avoid the elevators, so a lot of people probably did it by accident, not knowing how bad of an idea that was.

The elevator backup. I know for a fact that this was mostly caused by all the idiots taking it from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor and from the 3rd floor to the 2nd. I don't know if there's anything you can do about this, but it was ridiculous. There were escalators on each floor for a reason.

Seating for the masquerade. Signing for the Vick Magnolia panel had gone way over, so they started letting people in while they were still going and then slowly moving them out. Only problem is this lead to the people in the beginning of the line being sat in the back and to the right side, while the people at the back of the line got the front/middle seats (which were at the time being used/slowly vacated). It was complete bullshit that we stood in line for 3 and a half hours, and got sat in the back, while people who had been in line for 20 minutes got sat in the front. That should have been handled better, and everyone in the front half of the line was extremely pissed about it.

The masquerade itself. 90% of this was skits. 80% of those were horrible musical or dance skits. 10% was cosplay walk on. I personally go to see the cosplay. I don't mind sitting through the skits sometimes as there's usually a couple really good ones. This year...not so much. A lot of the skits seemed to go way over on time as well. I propose for future years putting the walkons first instead, so that people aren't forced to sit for 2 hours when they just want to see cosplay.

Registration. For some reason it was really hard to find. Until the lines got so long that you could just follow them, most people ended up going in circles trying to figure out where it was, as there were no sings up showing where anything was. As for the lines, usually youma does pretty well when it comes to registration, but this year was a bit of a mess. Standing in line for three hours is never fun.

Staff. Every. single. staffer. I ran into this year was a complete jerk. I actually think most of them were volunteers and not staff, looking back on it, but still. They were unnecessarily rude and unhelpful.

Dealers room and Artist alley. The setup for both of these seemed really poor. They were very crowded so it was hard to move around, and actually seemed way smaller than last year, which is odd considering how much the attendance jumped.

The good stuff:
Security: As per usual, Youma's security was extremely friendly and helpful.

The masquerade ball. This was run just as well if not better then previous years. Great job.

And sadly....that's about it.
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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby Dagon Akujin » Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:58 am

AyaYuna wrote:The stairs. There should have been some sign, announcement, something, to not go into them. Because basically, once you went in, you couldn't get out till you were in the basement. Meaning if you got in on the 74th'd have to walk down 74 flights of stairs before you were able to get out. My own group took the stairs, as I heard did other people I know, and we were lucky enough that someone heard us pounding on the door, and let us out. Normally at cons, taking stairs is what you do in order to avoid the elevators, so a lot of people probably did it by accident, not knowing how bad of an idea that was.

Wait, whoa. This happened? We were worried about this before the con because we found out about the "locked doors", but after checking things at the hotel, only the doors on levels 1-5 were locked. The doors between the room floors were open. And then the hotel decided to "not keep locked" a lot of the doors on 1-5, so even those didn't cause most people a problem.

This is the first I've heard of people having to go up/down more than 1 floor to find an open door. :/

The good stuff:
Security: As per usual, Youma's security was extremely friendly and helpful.

**Flexes muscles!!!** Well thank you. And to be fair, all of you con-goers really are the coolest people in the world, so it's easy. :P
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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby Soul Eat3R » Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:08 am

-the repetitious up and down the stairs were a pain despite even being in shape it took a toll on me with all my cosplay gear
- Next time please give the Guest more signing Opportunities, Vic only signed 2 outta my 3 things despite me being a Platnium Member. Regular I can see 1 or two items but I was Platnium, the Platnium Line shouldn't be restricted unless your talking about the 4 max, then that's different. Also LK and T4S only had 1 autograph signing they should at least of had 2.
- Please don't keep us in Final Guest Jepordy in which never happened this year please that would help

+ Staff was Cool
+ Security was tight (cool and responsive)
+ People were friendly and Very Socialble
+ Easier to find the GM Center then the Hyatt HANDS DOWN!!
+ Guests Were for the most part Awsome as Usual
+ Nice area, food, pharmacy, mail, etc all in 1 building you don't even have to leave the parimeter to get stuff and still be at the con. Definite Win!
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