Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Includes photos, reports, and suggestions from our sixth year.

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Re: Official Youmacon 2010 Feedback Thread

Postby Upper Hayford GB » Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:30 am

Yes...This did happen. I had to walk up/down numerous flights of stairs when changing rooms and the elevator decided to malfunction several times. We actually had one person wait at the door we exited through until we found an open door then would call back to them to let the door close. If you have any questions regarding this contact Upperhayford GB, the one who had some of the inital concerns.

Dagon Akujin wrote:
AyaYuna wrote:The stairs. There should have been some sign, announcement, something, to not go into them. Because basically, once you went in, you couldn't get out till you were in the basement. Meaning if you got in on the 74th'd have to walk down 74 flights of stairs before you were able to get out. My own group took the stairs, as I heard did other people I know, and we were lucky enough that someone heard us pounding on the door, and let us out. Normally at cons, taking stairs is what you do in order to avoid the elevators, so a lot of people probably did it by accident, not knowing how bad of an idea that was.

Wait, whoa. This happened? We were worried about this before the con because we found out about the "locked doors", but after checking things at the hotel, only the doors on levels 1-5 were locked. The doors between the room floors were open. And then the hotel decided to "not keep locked" a lot of the doors on 1-5, so even those didn't cause most people a problem.

This is the first I've heard of people having to go up/down more than 1 floor to find an open door. :/

The good stuff:
Security: As per usual, Youma's security was extremely friendly and helpful.

**Flexes muscles!!!** Well thank you. And to be fair, all of you con-goers really are the coolest people in the world, so it's easy. :P

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