Selling my AA Table

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Selling my AA Table

Postby BeMyFullMoon » Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:55 am

I was a seller last year and did very well, however this year I'm dealing with some medical stuff that came up Saturday. I won't get in to the details, however I'll be in and out of doctor's offices all month, and I won't be able to attend anymore. I have an AA table (only one badge) I'd like to sell. I'm asking exactly what I paid out of pocket for it ($134) and I need either PayPal or if you're local, cash or a cashier's check/money order. If anyone is interested you can e-mail me at bemyfullmoon AT gmail DOT com or respond here with your PayPal e-mail. If you are local, for both our safety we should discuss meeting via e-mail and not in a public forum.

EDIT: This is the best way Beth told me to do this, since she doesn't have the wait list yet.

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