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Re: How many people did you have in your room?

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 5:38 pm
by Soul Eat3R
ThatGuyAtTheCon wrote:
Soul Eat3R wrote:For the 3rd time this Year, I will have my room all to myself and 96 hours away from the insanity @ home..... FREEDOM :D

*Chuckle* Echo that! My gal and I are using this as a mini-vacation since I was too shalacked to take a real vacation this summer. I could not even get all of Thursday off because I was slated to do a post-mortem presentation for one of my projects that morning and nobody would move the date.

I am so insanely looking forward to the 'peace and quiet' that only a 96-hour con can bring.

-That Guy (Sean)

I agree and the good news is, by the time the con is over with i'll be missing home and the routine schedule and I'll be fully rested and ready to go to work.... Well maybe not fully rested, but I would want to go back to my schedule :lol: