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morphe: A Novel Webcomic

Postby Craig Bayfield » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:58 am

Loving the new look Youma board and am very excited to return to the Artist Alley for my fourth year.

My name is Craig Bayfield and I come representing both Purple-Tree-Studios and Pocket Parrot Studios to bring you morphE. The webcomic our two studios have spent the past 6 months working on and proudly launch TODAY.


morphE is a webcomic designed to feel like a visual novel. It tells the story of five strangers who are taken in to the keeping of a mysterious benefactor who wishes to bring magic powers from them. The comic is set in White Wolf's World of Darkness universe and will be heavily focusing on horror elements. A lot of our inspiration for the medium has come from Higurashi and our weekly meetings are full of discussion on how we can push this medium to tell a story in a way seldom seen before. Expect us to play with the medium a lot in the future.

On launch we have prepared 30 comics and will be adding 3 more per week from now on. One month backlog is already prepared and script and art for the next 3 months is already complete.

We're really hoping this is going to be a successful project and beg for support where and when we can find it. Thank you for reading this and I really hope you read and enjoy the comic.

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