Anime Night!

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Anime Night!

Postby Ravenlockk » Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:49 pm

So the wife and I used to get together with our friends in Saginaw for Anime Night once every two weeks. Usually 3-4 episodes of 2-4 different series we were watching. Nothing huge, just a few hours. This was a great way to keep the suspense high since we didn't just burn through a whole series at once. Also, we always watched different kinds of shows (comedy, horror, etc.). Living in Waterford now it's too hard to keep it up with all the traveling.
So I post this for three reasons:

1. Do you have an anime night? What have you watched, loved or hated?

2. If you don't have an anime night with friends, start one! A lot of it is available on Netflix. And whatever isn't, the cost of DVDs are far more affordable when split 4-6 ways. It's a fantastic way to watch some amazing tv, get to know the characters you'll see at Youmacon, and just have fun.

3. If interested, we should start up our own anime night here in Detroit! (just leave a message in this thread or send me a pm and we can discuss)

TL;DR: Watch anime with friends, it's way better.

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Re: Anime Night!

Postby Sub Zippo » Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:19 pm

Oh lets see...

In the mid 90s I attended anime club meetings at U of M Dearborn. Fansubbed Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and loads of other stuff. We'd spend half the time watching and the other half screwing around in the empty class next door. There was an incident with me slapping an obnoxious kid :shock: that thankfully was resolved peacefully.

Around the same time I occationally attended U of M's monthly anime screenings with friends. This was a good time, in part because of the better quality of show they were likely to have, and the fun things to see in Ann Arbor, such as WizzyWigs and Pinball Pete's, both at their best.

In the early 00's I attended an anime club at Central Michigan University where I was attended. I met a girl in my dorm who got my attention with a Sailor Moon poster on her door and we dated for a while. After we broke up and she started getting snotty with me, I stopped going. Even before that, a lot of the fun was getting sucked out.

Since then, thanks to broadband and digital rips, I've since resigned to watching anime via bittorrent downloads. I've tried a few new anime clubs but the people tend to be so obnoxious. Finding new titles is hard and finding time to watch is harder, but I make it happen. I finished Monster recently, which I first saw, I think, at U of M's club well over seven years ago. Oh well, I can always count on Congoers and the Internet to suggest new titles.
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