Youmacon 2012 Video Collaboration

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Youmacon 2012 Video Collaboration

Postby Kev3136 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 3:06 am

Hello there everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the convention! I had a great time, and I hope you all did as well.

The reason for this thread is to gather footage(Video) from congoers, and to use them in a collaboration video! If you have some wacky video of yourself and your friends cosplaying, or just having fun, I'd like to see it! The goal is to incorporate con-goer videos into a larger collaboration video for you and your friends to enjoy. I work for a company called TGN who normally focuses on gaming, but will soon be expanding out into the convention and anime scene. (If you're wondering who we are this link is a taste:

So since that is out of the way, if you would like to participate there are a few things I would like to request.

1. Please make sure the original video is in HD with an aspect ratio of 16:9
2. I will consider videos that aren't HD, but they would have to be really really good
3. I will need to request the use of your video (so I can publish it on youtube and other media) This will be handled be a simple consent release form I email you upon receiving video from you.

**Video note*** I recommend uploading the video to a source such as mediafire and providing myself a link with a download. However if you are able to send it as an attachment, that can work as well. I will also look into using videos you may have posted to youtube over the weekend, if they are indeed 16:9 HD

** This video will not be monetized and will not gain any revenue. ** I figured this would be most fair to the congoers, those who submitted videos, and the convention itself since I am not working directly with them on this video.

Note I do not plan on using ANYTHING without permission, so if you don't sign the form I send you VIA email I will not use the video you send me.

If I get a lot of submissions I will make a dedicated video to them, if I only get a few, the video submissions will be most likely at the end or start of the video. Since I was at Youmacon this year shooting my own footage, your footage may also be in the video at random points, just to make things a little more interesting and fun to watch.

Also I plan to credit everyone who sends a submission to me. Upon receiving a video clip from you I will also request what you would like to be credited as in the description and credits at the end of the video.

Feel free to post below thoughts or questions/concerns

To send in your video clips, send an email to:
Click Miku to go to my my YouTube channel Mangastorian

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