I want to show some awesome music but will i get banned?

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I want to show some awesome music but will i get banned?

Postby MitsurugiKazumaru » Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:08 pm

Hey everyone, I just need help with the subject matter to this discussion.
I want to post up some indie artist music and just good music all around. Discuss music I don't know about, post some of my music but I'm not going to spam. Is it technically spam if is only in one thread and its the one you made?
I really have been looking forward to performing at you Macon for some yeas now and I was waiting into I got better quality of everything, so that's another reason I want to post stuff, to have people that attend the convention get familiar with my music and all around help me get the attention of the cons staff to help perform for you guys as an avid anime freak, representation of my first convention experiences, my city, love for art and to help promote youmacon a tad bit more as well as promoting myself.
So what do you guys think? Would I get banned? If an Armin could respond that would be lovely or if your willing to negotiate some of this.

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