Trustworthy Seller?

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Trustworthy Seller?

Postby Fatality87 » Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:46 am

In my search for last minute hope for my costume, I found a bunch of sellers on I've never had any desire to use this site for some reason but it popped up on google and for the costume I am considering (Princess Tiana) I noticed the pictures for one particular store/seller that they use have their trademark/watermark over the pictures but the pics are not their pictures! They belong to a cosplayer I've seen online before. I've seen this particular cosplayers deviant art and page and I know she did not commission from them.

Does this mean they stole her pictures and are using them to scam customers? Or is this some type of way of saying they can make your order to replicate the dress in the girl's pictures?

I find it shady that they "trademarked" pics that are not their property so I am assuming I should not trust them. I saw the price and shipping time and got excited but....the pictures are not theirs! lol

Am I right? Don't trust them?

I've only ever commissioned a costume once before but they had original pictures/mannequin examples.


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Re: Trustworthy Seller?

Postby kyuryu » Sun Oct 05, 2014 3:06 am

I've never done anything with Aliexpress, but I've ordered some stuff from a similar site (mine was artist alley supplies though, not cosplay)--you may want to check shipping times on there, as the one I ordered from had REALLY slow shipping-it took like two/three months to get my stuff.

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