Cosplay Judging Tips & Tricks

Includes masquerade, hall cosplay, Cosplay Shougi, the photo shoot gathering list, and guidelines.

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Cosplay Judging Tips & Tricks

Postby Yui » Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:58 pm

The following list is composed of various experiences judging at the past 5 Youmacons. Some people have asked if the judges have any sort of tips that would facilitate the interviewing process, so I wanted to share them before the con. These are by no means regulations - but rather tips to make your interview most efficient and non-stressful. Please double-check the Youmacon website itself for the actual contest rules. The info below is specifically for the Hallway Cosplay competition, but these would be good tips for the Masquerade craftsmanship judging as well.

- A reference is required, as already mentioned in the Youmacon rules. This reference can be anything - from an artbook to a cell phone screencap to an action figure.
…However, to go one step further, the judges would appreciate a color print-out that we may keep. This will GREATLY assist in remembering our notes. A few different angles would be the best, but try to select just a few refs max on ONE PAGE. (Progress books are super awesome normally, but for this convention we honestly do not have time to thoroughly consider them with the time restraints.)

- Prep your costume and be ready to go at your interview. Iron and delint your fabrics. Brush your wig, fix your make-up. etc. These are little details, but can be possibly detracting, especially when the scores are close.
...This is a new hotel, but we should be accessible restrooms near the judging waiting area, and they will be pointed out to you when you arrive for the line-up. Please feel free to make use of them.

- There will be a strict time limit imposed this year of exactly 5 minutes. Like…with an actual countdown timer. This isn't to freak anyone out - it's just to make sure no one accidentally eats up someone else's time slot. I believe last year we were fully booked on interviews, so I expect that to be the case this year as well.
...So, please also prepare your presentation; this IS part of your score - how well you can explain what you did. Because you only have a few minutes, know what you are going to tell the judges without their prompting. We may ask you a question or two at the end, but it is up to you to start things off. You probably won't have time to mention anything you are *not* satisfied with, so please concentrate on every aspect of you costume that you *are* proud of. (If the judges call you on something, please answer honestly, but don't aim to point out your flaws otherwise.)

- Also, before turning your judging sheet in, be sure to include your nickname, cosplay name or other alias (i.e. what you want to be know as in photo captions &/or announced publicly as) + the pronunciation if not obvious. Please also include applicable pronunciations for your character/series. We will not publish/use your real name unless you specifically say it's all right to do so.

(This is cross-posted on, too, to make sure most people catch it ahead of time.)

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Re: Cosplay Judging Tips & Tricks

Postby chiyo_chichi » Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:27 pm

Are you going to post photos of the cosplay winners like you did last year? Or they already up somewhere that I don't see?

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Re: Cosplay Judging Tips & Tricks

Postby Hikaruchan » Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:45 pm

chiyo_chichi wrote:Are you going to post photos of the cosplay winners like you did last year? Or they already up somewhere that I don't see?

We used multiple cameras to photograph entrants during judging, so they will be posted in this forum when online. So check back

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Re: Cosplay Judging Tips & Tricks

Postby simply_mad » Tue Nov 15, 2011 5:33 pm

Would the judges be able to send their notes and critiques? I would love to have mine to know what I need to work on in the future.

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