Mystery Kids Photoshoot???

Includes masquerade, hall cosplay, Cosplay Shougi, the photo shoot gathering list, and guidelines.

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Mystery Kids Photoshoot???

Postby Suki_kitty » Wed Oct 23, 2013 12:10 pm

(I'm sure this is a long shot but hey.)

For those unawares, Mystery Kids is a (semi-)popular online crossover between paranormal series that star children. Most commonly it includes ParaNorman, Gravity Falls, Coraline, and Psychonauts though I've seen a lot with Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, and others (depending on the artist/author's preference). It's a little like the Big Four, if your familiar with that crossover (also called Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons).

I'm going to be dressed as Mabel and Coraline throughout the weekend and I would LOVE to meet up with some folks from any of these series to try doing a photoshoot.
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