The Official Youmacon Feedback Thread

Includes photos, reports, and suggestions from our third year.

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Postby The Commodore » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:06 pm

seanachai wrote:Then there's video programming. Okay. I still don't know exactly what happened on Saturday (or Friday night), but the story I got was that "hard drives had gone down" in at least one of the rooms, resulting in the schedule being completely scrapped because they were unable to play non-DVD anime.

I was in a video room for a few minutes on Friday night and some random Japanese commercial was being constantly looped. :o

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Postby LaughingmanGITS » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:27 pm

My only beef was an incident of one staffer telling me something and then another one stopping me from doing what the first said was okay.

The signs need to be a little more regulated. ...A whole lot more regulated. Like it's been pointed out before, technically it's like a form of prostitution and that is asking for trouble. I even saw some people with make-out signs.

I enjoyed meeting alot of younger and newer convention goers. I did my best to stay upbeat and try to keep things on the positive since people seemed to do that for me when I started attending cons 5 or 6 years ago.


As for the Security members talking about Hitler or genocide or whatever. You really can't complain too much, it's not a crime to discuss things like that and I tend to hear far worse scenarios from random people in the con.
Freedom of Speech.
Can't ...well, you can, but you shouldn't penalize people for speaking in an uncensored way. It's like the con I was at years ago when someone wore a Swastika badge around, it caused a fuss, and the disciplinary action taken about it caused one hell of a ruckus.

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Postby AlgusUnderdunk » Mon Nov 05, 2007 9:23 pm

Chamelion wrote:I loved going to Youmacon.. the event was the best con I've yet to attend.

I didn't have any problems with staff, and a few were incredibly helpful to me when I was trying to film the events in the main ball room. Heck, when I ran out of battery power, the sound guy set up an extension cord so I could plug in... Im just that impressed with the staff over all.

For the staff/security that seemed rude, you get a few people who like to USE their power, and will be adamant you follow them.. it happens in every situation... and while they could be nicer... you get 2800 people in a small space and maybe 50 asking the same question, tempers can run short.

The only negatives I have are about the lack of organization in terms of the staff in general not all having the information they needed. During a wait in line I tried to ask some questions to which staff member A said I dont know, B said I think its this, C said I;ll go check and D answered it :)

The second negative was the delays, but I'm not complaining about them because people HAVE to expect delays... in fact, I think the entire convention was about an hour late for the whole weekend... at least the main events were, which did cause issues with the panels that started more or less on time.

Finally; perhaps next year clarify that exact purpose of the Platinum Badges. Except for the sign for the Masquerade setting a designated area for PBs, the rest of the events required asking staff where we were supposed to stand compared to the normal lines... which resulted in the A, B, C, D comment above. There was also one event where they just didn't even acknowledge the badges and had people go in in order of the line.

BTW: I completely understand the feelings of the people who waited in lines for hours and then the PB's get to go right on in... but the PB's paid almost double for their badges specifically for those advantages. :) I talked to nearly a dozen people who said "Next year, I'm getting PLATINUM!" :P

So, I will be back next year, and far more prepared with video tape.. had to run to best buy TWICE over the weekend to get more video tape..........and depending on the schedules, I'm going to try to film DOUBLE what I got this year *13 hours worth*

Also, Next year while having so much to do, it may be better to eliminate 2-3 smaller events to allow some space between major shows to give time for set up and seating to avoid long delays. Also, include in the program books that the times listed, like 7-10pm for the masquerade, INCLUDE seating and set up time. A couple people were upset that it started 45 minutes late, which while not entirely avoidable, could be explained away with just that notation at the bottom of the individual pages :)

Personally, the delay added a new event; the pre-masquerade dance party, which I think needs to be made official... people had fun, 99% didnt complain about the delay, and the crowd was riled and ready for the comedy to follow!

ALSO; I had to add even more... the stand up comedian who kept us entertained while the votes were tallied was a BRILLIANT move. Otakon had us sit and wait :)

Finally (for now), if there is room/time, doubling some panels and events on two different days, especially those that fall in the time frame of the concerts and masquerades, would allow more to be seen by everyone... and I am not sure if this is possible, but set up a couple tvs just outside the masquerade/concert rooms that have the live feeds so that if someone can NOT get in, they can still watch......I didnt even know about the tvs in the hotel rooms having the events!


I have to say, I'm very glad you enjoyed the comedian ^_^
I do say, I'm rather put off by these serpents aboard our aircraft.

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Postby Shay » Mon Nov 05, 2007 9:52 pm

Youmacon Happy Moments:

- Lemon Demon! Yay!

- AMVs were awesome as usual.

- Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream (and the nachos) went over really well when Penguicon was running the consuite Saturday night. :) Yay for Penguicon!

Youmacon Sad Moments:

- The signs need to go. Annoying. Especially the person who jumped right in front of me and DEMANDED a hug.

- The line for the concerts. I have NO problem waiting in line. And I have NO problem with platinum badge people getting in first. What I had a problem with was that they pushed the platinum badge holders INTO the line that already existed, squishing everyone else. And then when the doors opened, people just started running. Thankfully, staff stopped that and made them follow the lines after that, but I still got stepped on... both when I was pushed back because they added the PBs into the already existing line, and then when the line rushed forward.

My advice? Separate line for Platinum Badges. Don't try to force them into a pre-existing line... it just doesn't work.
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Postby FadingSkye » Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:12 pm

I had teh greatest time ever. This was my second year at Youmacon and I had more fun than I had last year. It was really great, the people were amazing, games were fun, panels were cool. It was really great, I only ended up having a problem with one person the whole weekend and that made me pretty happy. My only issue is the space but that's worked on for next year so that's solved.
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Postby shonen_jidai » Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:12 pm

This was my first Youmacon and I really had a great time! My only complaint was pretty much everything starting rather late. I feel that a good part of this problem was attributable to the hotel just being too small for the number of people attending. So just getting around and organizing the crowd would take longer than it might if there were more space. With next year's Youmacon in a bigger hotel, I'll probably be back!

And a big thumbs up on the Y.E.N. broadcast of the Masquerade! When I saw how small the main programming room was, I knew I didn't have a chance of getting in to see the Masquerade in person. Not only did I get to see it on the tube, I was able to eat my first real meal in two days at the same time! :lol:

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Ahaha... ha... ha?

Postby Arosonomy » Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:47 pm

Yeah, my first con EVER was absolutely amazing. I made so many friends and it made me feel so... awesome... I will forever morne the loss of my Kyo-kun... My one yaoi-friend who took me to the maid cafe and bought me a drink... I miss my Kyo-kun!! He was so cute...

At first... I didn't think he knew I was a guy. I mean, I was Gaara... But that one day I wore this maid's dress, I kept getting, "Hey there... wait... You're a boy!?" *walks away* It was kinda obvious I Would think. I lacked certain requirements... I didn't even have long hair... I was Gaara from naruto... Anyways... He took me there and we talked about.. .nothing for like... and hour... Then... we had a yaoi moment... Kyo-kun pecked Gaara on the cheek... I was just like... omg... Then, there were flashes of cameras and etc...

Aah... Shougi was cool too... Me and these 2 girls started playing cards though cause we didn't move till the end... Which turns out, was only half of it... We were taking too long lol. I had this strange felling they were going to use me for something important, cause the one Light *deathnote* who was the emporer was making somewhat obvious jokes that maybe he wasn't the real Kira. Then I realized, hey, the other empror is light, and I'm the other Kira XD Then he cracked a joke about how the person died when he took there space before he finished writing there name saying, "They died to early, so it might have been someone else..." It's a neat idea however, true or not.

Then on the last day... Omg photoshoot... So many naruto people!! We had a Sakura, two narutos, a kakashi, orochimaru, hinata, aiza, sasuke, *I was gaara... obviously*, just... SO MANY PEOPLE!! It wasn't official either, I mean, we even chased after the hamburglar... It was awesome... I miss you my friends!!

And ... And...

Daisuki, Kyo-kun
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Postby Neotestament » Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:56 pm

cheesecake wrote:I loved youma. I thought it was well run, but i have a few things i didn't like too much

The gaming room was too small and didn't have enough ventilation.
I think this might have been the one thing that caused all of the BO. I'm sure a lot of people were in there at one point or another. I couldn't even walk in there sometimes.

They should have at least tried to open a window or turn some fans on. I was glad that they did the "airing out" of the room, but most of the time the door was closed to prevent people from getting in anyway (that's a lot of ventilation XD). The ceilings were also too low, especially considering they are dance games. I remember seeing a person playing pump pro and lifted their arm in the air and hit one of the ceiling panels.

I did love the games that were there, however. I was so excited to play pump pro especially. Well done on the game selection.

Honestly, i think that is the only thing i didn't like about the con (besides crowding of halls). I think this will be easy to fix next year if at a larger hotel. The Hyatt looks mad smexi :p

The arcade machines were supposed to be in Gaming 1 aka "The Birch Room", but were unable to fit into any of the 3 entrances. This cause a sudden change in plans to have to put all of the arcade games into Gaming 2. Which in turn messed up alot of the schedule for the console games. Sorry you weren't able to make it into the rooms at times. We had to keep with fire code. <3 my staff for doing that. We did tons more air outs that scheduled. We had the air conditioning on unlike last year. And when the door were closed, it was to prevent people from zombiing passed my limited staff who were picking up trash, wiping off the screens, and using 3 types of air freshener to fight off the funk monster. T_T

Oh and my two cents about the signs. I would love to see them gone, but it's not my perview. Through out the convention from Thursday early morning till Sunday when I was the last staff person in the Hotel T_T... I was blocked/trapped/inundated by (some how) guys bigger than me bear hugging me while I was ninja'ing through the human biomass so that I could get everything I needed for my rooms. Sadly now I have become a victim of the "Con-Plague" and can't do much other than get my projects out of the way for school.

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Postby ubersaurus » Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:19 pm

The Commodore wrote:
seanachai wrote:Then there's video programming. Okay. I still don't know exactly what happened on Saturday (or Friday night), but the story I got was that "hard drives had gone down" in at least one of the rooms, resulting in the schedule being completely scrapped because they were unable to play non-DVD anime.

I was in a video room for a few minutes on Friday night and some random Japanese commercial was being constantly looped. :o

Haha, The music one? That rocked. My buddy Justin and I kept on ragging on it XD
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Postby Curlyro » Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:26 pm

This was my first year at Youmacon and I must say, it truly ROCKED!~ I was in artist alley, so I luckily didn't have to surf the crowds or do I have any say on the panels/events. But I thought it was amazingly organized for it's size. Everyone there was very nice and fun!

My only gripe is the location, which I totally understand that it's being changed for next year.

Oh yeah, I loved that you guys invited Lemon Demon. They were awesome! <3

... I had so much more to say but I can't remember it now. Anways, keep up the awesome work and I look forward to next year! :D

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Postby Deidara » Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:32 pm

Didn't read the rest of these, but I wanna give my opinion of all this too.

Awesome things: Nearly the whole con.

Props for having Lemon Demon, that was AWESOME.

Thank you for ending Cosplay Shougi early, it was nice to have the Masquerade not start a full 2 hours late.

The WATER!! There was so much ice water! It was wonderful! I know a guy who works at the hotel, and I thanked him every chance I got. He looked so frazzled by Sunday...

The Dance rocked my socks! The DJs were great! (and again, WATER!! YAY!)

Just as a personal note, thank you to MagiusT and Rogue and all the Masquerade and Hall Cosplay people for being so nice and helpful to our skit and for liking Suigetsu and Dead Haku.

Not so good things:

Those **** signs. I had a friend who had a Hug Me sign, but that was his plan from the beginning for the con. By Sunday though, I couldn't get through a freakin hallway because of all of the people with the **** Hug Me, Glomp Me, **** Me signs... It was just sad.
As much as I hate rules like this, I'd vote for a "No Solicitation Signs" rule. Signs that go with your cosplay are amusing, but looseleaf paper with "HUG ME!!" written on it in sharpie because you're too dumb to make friends on your own is just sad... And move the hell out of my way. ::is pissed at those people::

This con smelled like a butthole. I think it may have been a symptom of 3000 people in a 500 person type space... but it smelled worse than any other con I've been to. That's not a note for the staff, really... just the people.

I am excited about Youmacon being in a bigger space next year. It's going to be an explosion of happiness and cosplay. I love Youmacon so much!

And I know it's going to sound like a bit of a jerk thing to say, but Animosity Cosplay has won a lot of stuff at quite a few Masquerades in the past year, but we wanted more than anything to come to Youmacon and do a good job on our skit, because Youmacon started our winning streak last year when we won Best Novice Presentation for our very first skit, "Ninja of the Night". Thank you for letting us do our weird "screwin' with the audience!" skit and for the totally unreasonably huge Best Presentation trophy. (You guys have rockin' trophies! They're bloody massive!)

So. Thank you in general. Youmacon rocks my socks so hard!
Animosity Cosplay!

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Postby Kira-kun » Tue Nov 06, 2007 12:47 am

It was my first Youmacon, and I was quite pleased. I was a little nervous about going at first, because I was going by myself on Friday (my local anime friend, who was going to go with me, ended up getting a job on the east coast and moving just a month ago. So, she had to cancel on me). However, being alone really didn't matter most of the time. There were always plenty of people to talk to. And I had company on Sat. and Sun.

The vast majority of the staff were nice and helpful. The lady at the pre-reg counter was really friendly, the staff running the masquerade were awesome, and random staff members would always point me in the right direction if I needed assitance. I did hear a couple of staffers snap at people, but I didn't hear the entire conversation, so it may have been justified. And even if it wasn't, everybody has a bad moment. Especially when they're stressed. So, no big deal.
And the Spoony Bards were great. ^_^ I wish more cons did stuff like that.
Johnny was an awesome guest. I was amazed that he went down the line signing things even after his session was completely over. That was very nice of him.

My only real complaints are:
-Cramped conditions (which, as has already been stated, is going to be taken care of next year).
-People were a bit confused at first as to which line was regular registration and which was pre-reg. Once I found the right person to ask (the young lady handling the line near the reg counter), everything was good.
-The super late opening ceremonies. I sat in the room for almost 45 minutes before I gave up and left. It would have been nice to have been informed that things were going to be late.
-I'm coming down with a post-con cold. :cry: But, that's my own fault for hugging so many people.... >_>
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Postby SchoolIchigo » Tue Nov 06, 2007 1:15 am

Well i had alot of fun, Eyeshine and Lemon Demons were great.
The only problem i had was it being Cramped, it was very hard to move around, and that prev in the wheel chair he bugged the crap out of my friends

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Postby Monaki » Tue Nov 06, 2007 1:42 am

People have mentioned this already, but ****, the one chick who kept screaming at people who were in line for things took it too far. I heard various folks within earshot call her a nazi. It was just ridiculous. There was another lady who was controlling the line prior to.....I think it was the concert, and I asked her what was causing the holdup. SHE politely and briefly answered, and I thanked her very much, and everyone in the area seemed to agree that that was a much better way to handle things. The one lady everyone keeps bringing up was kind of nuts though. She was sitting at an artist's alley booth later and told my fiancee and I to buy things. If you're reading this, we left the booth after that because we didn't want to be near you. TACT. It's a good thing.

That having been said, I think the con was great. Lots of delays, but once one delay happened in main programming, I imagine it was hard to catch back up. My fiancee and I basically caught on that if we just kept stopping by and checking the line for an event, we usually could just kind of tack ourselves to the end of the line just as they were ACTUALLY going in somewhere.

Will definitely be going again next year. Looking forward to the new location!! ^_^
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Postby tznkai » Tue Nov 06, 2007 1:53 am

Shay wrote:My advice? Separate line for Platinum Badges. Don't try to force them into a pre-existing line... it just doesn't work.

Huzzah for basic physics: two objects cannot occupy the same space.

I was at con feedback, and the issue of line control has been brought up.

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