The Official Youmacon Feedback Thread

Includes photos, reports, and suggestions from our third year.

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Postby Neotestament » Tue Nov 06, 2007 3:32 pm

I was told from Thursday night to Friday morning that I needed to shut my gaming rooms down and that the hotel was going to be clearing out the lobby from 4:00 - 5:30 for the military who were shipping out that morning. It was my understanding that this was going to happen once so I happily obliged the hotel, their security, and the military security as we aired out the rooms for an extended period of time.

On my way to the hotel front desk from Friday night / Saturday morning I was informed that this was happening again. I promptly told them ok, I would handle it. I then walked to Gaming 1 and 2 and told them that we needed to get everything airing out by 15 minutes to 4 as promised to the hotel and associates. I made sure that I personally visited each of my staff that were awake.

The reason I was told this was done is because in the past military personnel that were shipping out have missed the bus because they were playing in the gaming rooms. Considering there was significantly more equipment being used this year, and space issues, I completely understood the situation and followed their instruction as to keep everyone happy and make things run smoothly.

I'm sorry if there was any confusion on any of these days. I got all of 2 hours of sleep thursday to friday, and not even 6 hours from friday to saturday. Even through all the madness, myself and my ADH's kept cool and constantly rolled with the punches.

1.) Arcade consoles couldn't fit into Gaming 1 as promised by the hotel.
2.) Small space for Arcade cabinets in Gaming 2.
3.) DDR, Neo Geo machine, and the tekken machine all had tech issues that I had to call them back for. DDR repeatedly.
4.) We had to run extra power lines into Gaming 2 after tech from Alpha had left, and it was late night so no Engineering staff from the hotel.
5.) Gaffing tape was running very short in supply.
6.) Made the call to check bags in even though we had limited space, instead of not allowing them.
7.) Had the Con tech staff down for pipe and drape and to get the 8-9 Halo 3 machines wired together.
8.) 7 of the 20 some odd xbox controllers were missing the end piece to plug in.
9.) 3 of the 8-11 power cords for the xboxes were missing the end to plug in.
10.) Dealt with the issue of the Japanese game cube issue for SSBM tournaments.
11.) Seating, rented games, donated consoles/games/controllers, were all regulated.
12.)Etc etc etc.

All in all we only lost a rental box, not even the copy of a Halo 3 game and blockbuster was ok to just make a new box.

There was tons more that me and my staff danced around to make all happen, but i'm too sick to remember at this point T_T.

Oh just incase some of you are wondering what the tentative magnitude of gaming is could be next year. ... orplan.pdf

Look at F, E, G, I, H, J, K ^_^
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Aaron Ackerson
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Postby Aaron Ackerson » Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:14 pm

Youmacon 2007 was a dream come true. I'm so glad you brought in both Lemon Demon and The Spoony Bards. I hope you keep bringing both of them back in the years to come.

It would have been nice to have working Internet in the green room though.

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Postby KraZGurl » Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:34 pm

The con was wonderful, despite the couple of bumps. A couple of things that I would suggest:

People who were registering for the con, or waiting in line for an event, tended to refuse to move when they clogged the doorway, making it difficult for artist alley people to get to their tables to set up. Also- I had a very sharp paper cutter, and I did not want anyone to get hurt. I would have liked it where staff kept that under control.

Also, I had several of the staff (volunteers, I'm sure. I never, ever had a problem with the people who run the con) be very rude to me when they were not allowing people into the artist alley area, because there was not a lot of room in there. All I wanted to do was return to my table to give my friend a break, but they insisted that I was not going to my table and yelled at me. I also had a couple of the staff members harrass me about taking some faygo out of the con suite, despite being told earlier that it was alright. I was then yelled at for "horseplay" when I was trampled by a couple of congoers, and the congoers did not get yelled at, by the same person who refused to let me to my table.

I would have loved to have had a platinum badge, but I had already registered before that option was up, and could not upgrade. Next year, have an option for upgrade, just in case one does change their mind. I would have gotten on had it been an option.

No more signs, please. They caused congestion in the hallways. Signs should be limited to Artist Alley tables and Dealers, to list their prices.

Also, I would like to see a size limit to props. It was nice the first two years, when the con was not that big, to see full sized props, but the size this year was difficult to deal with, as the hallways were crowded. Also, even with the people holding them in a safe manner, I got hurt several time on oversized props. Sorry, cosplayers.

Also, to the head of the AA- while I did get the tables together, I would have like to ensure that I would get them together with my friend as we NEEDED them together. Maybe there was a miscommunication, but I was told that it was not going to be positive that I could get them together with my friend because they were seperately bought. Maybe you just thought we wanted to be together for the hell of it, but we had several people, and, like I stated, need both together. Maybe try and be a little more open about this...

I would love to get an art even started up, not just a panel. If possible, could I talk to someone about this? I know there are a lot of panels, and there is artist alley, but there really isn't an event.

All in all, while chaotic (Though understandable) it was still enjoyable. Expect to see me next year, hopefully in artist alley again. My deviantART

Planned Cosplays:
Thursday: Steampunk(99%)
Friday: Kanaya, green dress (Homestuck)70%
Saturday: Troll Mage Redux (WoW)7%
Sunday: Regular Outfit Kanaya (Homestuck)90%

Aaron Ackerson
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Postby Aaron Ackerson » Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:38 pm

Oh, and one more thing. There were problems with some events starting on time. But you probably are already aware of that.

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Postby Neotestament » Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:57 pm

That was going to happen considering that my schedule didn't match the one in the book T_T. But I tried to post it at the door. This won't happen again. I'm already working for next year as we speak. Plans are in the making.

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Postby tznkai » Tue Nov 06, 2007 5:33 pm

KraZGurl wrote:Also, I had several of the staff (volunteers, I'm sure. I never, ever had a problem with the people who run the con) be very rude to me

I can't speak for all of the volunteers, and rudeness in general is a no-no.

That having been said, most of the volunteers were drastically overworked. A handful of us did at or well above the required 16 hours, and a few more did what they could. Most of us showed up, got assigned, and ran down to our posts. With volunteer operations also understaffed, a lot of misinformation happened, which is why you would get stopped for doing what one volunteer or staffer had told you was ok. Unfortunately, the borg-style cortical implants didn't arrive at volunteer ops in time for us to all share information as a hive mind.

In other words, all of the volunteers I met tried their damnedest to do as much as we could to keep the con running, with little training, information, or experience.

Tobias Fenrir
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Postby Tobias Fenrir » Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:33 pm

I had made a post elsewhere as a representative of the Bards, but the thread doesn't seem to be getting too much traffic. So I wanted to stop in here and make sure everyone knew how much all of us appreciate each and every one of you who hung out with us over the weekend and listened to us play, as well as the entire staff of the con for being so kind and considerate to us.

I also wanted to say that all the other guests collectively are probably the best lineup I've ever seen at a con. Everyone was awesome and friendly and fun to talk to, and I was lucky enough to catch Quinton and Jeff's panel on Sunday morning, which was absolutely hilarious and very entertaining, as a perfect example. The guest lists at other cons will likely now pale in comparison to this one, for I have been spoiled by Youmacon.

Lastly, I wanted to say I'm a little apprehensive about going to a new hotel. I mean, I definitely acknowledge that the con has outgrown the Hilton, but I've grown to define Youmacon by that space we play at in the lobby and that balcony overlooking us. In the 2 years I've been there, I've really gotten used to that. So Youmacon 2008 is going to be a little strange for me, but hopefully the change will be for the best. That being said, the staff of the Hilton has been outstanding both years I've been there, and they haven't asked us to turn down once! That's the quickest way to our hearts, lol.

Anyways, I guess that's just a complicated way of saying how grateful I am, as well as the rest of The Bards, for everyone's contributions in making Youmacon 2007 probably the best gig we've ever had.

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Postby BabyKisshu » Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:53 pm

I had a wonderful! time! I made a some friends ^^ I just loved it! so next year i'm going to do all of the days! w00t!!!!!!!!!!!! and lets see the only thing that bugged me was that some of the panels were so packed i never got to see much. but hopefully that will change now the the con is going to be at a new Hotel. But other then that i had fun just roaming the halls! Oh and about the staff i didn't have any prob with any in fact i made friends with a few.


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Postby Arosonomy » Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:56 pm

My only complaint was when we were going to the store we were trying to get in and this one african-american staff member shoved me and my friends to the side and said, "If all these d*** people don't move the f*** out of the way there will be cops in here on all of your a**es"

I had half a mind to report him to the rest of the staff. There were young children next to him.

Other then that... Nothing was horrible. Other things couldn't have been avoided.

There was a time, when there were nachoes... But then **** took them away cause we abused them... Too much Cheesy-goodness....

Oh the power of cheese!

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Postby Raiji Magiwind » Tue Nov 06, 2007 11:29 pm

All in all, Youmacon's third year wasn't too bad, but it is defiantly a good thing it moves to the Hyatt Recency-- Dearborn next year, cause it will improve things a lot as far as space. I personally have only been there once and will say this, the Staff made a good choice for Youmacon's future home. Not only is it near the Fairlane Town Center, but for those who arrive real early, you can also check out other nearby amazing sites like the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, particularly if you are from out of town. So many various things to do so near the place.

But now to the annual gripping bitchy side of the con.

--First, people We believe in the Golden Rule that is ACEN's motto "Got Soap"!!!
Bathe people PLEASE!!! For all that is holy, thank you. Either that or perhaps the Staff shall invest in canisters of Oust and Febreeze Air Effects for the masses so we doth not have to deal with your funk.

--Second, clean up after yourselves people! Its not the soul responsibility of the Staff, either Convention or Hotels to pick up after you. You are not a baby and your mother doesn't work there, so clean up your own **** messes!!!
The hotel is providing OUR con the space to host itself, and if they don't like the way we treat them, or there property, there gonna say 'Hasta la Vista' and then Youmacon will be gone forever. Think about that before you destroy there property or leave garbage all over the place. And not just the halls and open areas either, but your hotel room as well. Plus what if they are hosting other functions (like the apparently special gathering for the Military they also I guess had Saturday evening). Do you want to them to lose other customers by making them say...'oh...the other groups they got here are nasty, uncivilized and rude. Perhaps next year we should go elsewhere.' Not only do we not need to have others think Otaku are nothing more then annoying, rude and scary folk who trash places, but we shouldn't be scaring off there other customers either. Not to mention many of the staff for the Hotel are working overtime when they host things like us and by making there job easier, they will make our stay even more pleasant.

--Third on the list. I'm sorry my fellow Staff guys and gals, but you SERIOUSLY need to work on the organization. The fact that all the main events where almost over a HOUR behind was down right pathetic. I mean in some other cons I've been to, If a event or panel didn't start on time, it got cut down, and they either had to rework the entire program for that event into the remaining time, no arguments.

Also **** forbid if you have to, erect a **** dry erase board or something outside Con Op's where you can mark down a ANY changes in the schedule, whether it be changes in panel times or signings with guests. The con goer's would appreciate it. You figure, everyone seems to walk by Con Op's or a similar space used for checking stuff (Like the Security/prop check they had a ACEN, wher you could have your props 'tagged' so they where known to have been cleared by security), so take advantage of that and have a place to announce these changes so people aren't going, 'OH thats just f***king great. I wanted to go to that particular thing and they changed it so thats its now the same time I'm doing this thing.' I think you pissed off a lot of folk with the switchings of signings without making some sort of announcement at least by posting a huge sign outside of Con Op's nothing the change.
Keeping the masses informed of changes, delays and other SNAFU's keeps the masses from rioting....

--Next up, you guys need some serious communication and being on the 'same page' cause I know there where many occasions where folk would talk to four or five different Staff and all would say something different. Radios for all Staff should be a priority, at least among the Key Staff and your Security, and at least the heads of each area, like the Gopher Op's. Better then you all running all over the convention trying to find each other to check things.

--Another little side tangent on the Dry erase board concept. Erect a cork board outside Con Op's (or similar area that folk will pass frequently) where people can tack signs for things such as unofficial meet ups, or room parties or other such things. This can help you guys with the headaches of dealing with people tacking signs all over the hotels property, which they may become annoyed with after a while. Plus it gives you the chance to see whats being posted and if you feel the item shouldn't be up there you can remove it from there and not have to find eighty copies of it scattered all over the con. Of course also having it mandatory that all posting be checked by a member of Staff before being tacked on the board (by say having a Staff person sign the back) will help you control what gets tacked up there.

--Rudeness of Staff. I know your guys job is hard and can really suck at times, but that still give no excuse for any member of the Staff to yell at any attendee, particularly out in the open. If any Staff member feels they need to be harsh in such a manner to a attendee, then you should request they come with to area not open to the public to discuss the issue, or bring them to Con Op's or somewhere similar where it can be discussed, that way at least you respect the attendee by not humiliating them in public, which may make them more cooperative. I know even you guys get frustrated too, but informing folk politely goes a lot **** farther then screaming at them like a violent Drill Sargent.

Well this is all I can think of at the moment as I am tired, but I think of more they'll get posted.
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Postby Hikaru0 » Tue Nov 06, 2007 11:37 pm

Thanks for your suggestions, however...

Raiji Magiwind wrote:Also **** forbid if you have to, erect a **** dry erase board or something outside Con Op's where you can mark down a ANY changes in the schedule, whether it be changes in panel times or signings with guests. .

Did you miss it? We had one :/

Raiji Magiwind wrote:Radios for all Staff should be a priority, at least among the Key Staff and your Security, and at least the heads of each area, like the Gopher Op's. .

tried to do this, but the radios dissapeared for many staffers..

Just to show that we did try to control some of the insanty, anyway ^^

White Fox
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Postby White Fox » Tue Nov 06, 2007 11:50 pm

Hey, Youmacon was great. I had a good time for my first convention artist's alley and everything. I think my only complaint aside from the stuff people have already addressed is that I didn't know what radio channel the staff members were using. It seemed like every time me and my group chose a channel to use for our walkie talkies, we had someone else switch to the same channel and start talking over us. Would there be a way to post a notice about what channel the staff/volunteers are using where other people using radios can see it and avoid it?

It was really hard for me to communicate with my associates about managing my AA table with all the interference.

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Postby Neotestament » Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:02 am

All I can say is el oh el dry erase boards and cork boards. I had signs encircling my gaming 1 that we were still putting things up on Thursday night, all staff only, no bags, blah blah blah. No one looked. I had to constantly turn people away at the door, which made me super late Thursday night getting anything put together.

Even though it seemed some con-goers just walked through places head first like #1 from Star Trek Generations, I will be attempting to improve signage, having boards up, and staff sign in/out boards. Also I'll have coming events, advanced tournament sign-ups, and the like.

Hopefully the bigger room also allows me to hear anything over my walkie.

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Postby LadyAnissina » Wed Nov 07, 2007 3:23 am

I was really disappointed in my platinum badge. I paid a lot extra, but it was too crowded and unorganized for me to get anything out of it. The Maid Cafe was disappointing (the food wasn't that great, they didn't have bubble tea, the guest visits weren't set up well, and we had to wait an hour just to get in therefore missing panels that we had planned on seeing), I couldn't get to the concert or masquerade due to the crowds... etc. It's just too bad I can't get a refund. Oh well, live and learn, I won't go platinum again.

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Postby videogamefreak » Wed Nov 07, 2007 6:54 am

i agree with everyone about the hugs and signs for hugs, THERE ARE A LOT OF PERVERTS OUT THERE, and you take something like anime which has a large audience of 14-16 year old girls and then round them all up in one convention in short/skimpy cosplay outfits old creepy guys will most likely find their way to it and take advantage of those free hugs, and in a crowded place like youmacon it would not be hard for someone to go missing. Plus in a hotel where there is plenty of rooms that the creepy guy could have checked out and taken someone to. Also the creepy guy could have been cosplaying as some enemy of the 14 year old girl and people might have thought it was a joke as he pulled her away to go do creepy stuff that creepy guys do.
(i know this really couldnt be helped by staff or anyone from youmacon, just a suggestion to all the people with the free hugs signs that were there to be careful who you are hugging)

perverts are bad and need to go away
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