Fortnite Is Far Better Than Overwatch

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Fortnite Is Far Better Than Overwatch

Postby Cszcy » Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:21 am

While searches for"fortnite" around Pornhub have steadily increased since Drake played the match live on Twitch, the year five launching saw a +49% leap on July 12th. This propelled the search phrase to the top buy fortnite weapons most popular search terms on Pornhub in the top 20, where it has been sitting with a typical 100,000 unique searches a day. I'll let you search on your own for the Fortnite themed pornography, which frankly, is not a very profound category compared to sayOverwatch porn. Regardless, it's a thing which exists.


While Pornhub generally sees a normal traffic fluctuation of +/- 3% any given day and hour, there was a +5% gain by"participant" traffic during the downtime, but the significance can only be assumed. Additional according to Pornhub Insights, the host crash caused a massive +116% jump in searches for"fortnite" compared to the exact same time interval on an ordinary day. That's not too shabby for a Thursday evening.

It's not too much of a stretch to imagine that many players, when confronted with a temporary server outage, will require their power and thumb dexterity into Pornhub rather than diving into another game. What's always interesting is the type of porn they are looking for. Considering all the available categories of porn available, it is clear that with Fortnite in mind, it is tricky to pull away from that focus.

If you aren't an avid Fortnite player than maybe you don't get the obsession, then that's perfectly fine. Unless your fascination just happened to get the better of you through the host downtime. There is no shame in More News , rather, be very happy that you have an open mind to meld the worlds of gambling and pornography for your entertainment. At least with these insights from Pornhub, we all know players aren't just cursing at their screens through Fortnite server outages, they are maintaining their heads and souls energized as a way to get that coveted victory royale.

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