Steam Powered Giraffe show and panel schedule!

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Steam Powered Giraffe show and panel schedule!

Postby sycamore » Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:37 pm

Hey guys! Bunny has posted the schedule for the band for the entire weekend. I can't wait!


. Trick-Or-Treat With Steam Powered Giraffe: 7pm - 10pm/ Renaissance Center


. Opening Ceremonies: 1pm-2pm/ Main Programming/ Renaissance Center

. Concert: 7pm-11pm/ Main Programming/ Renaissance Center


. Paid Photo Shoot: 12pm-2pm/ Steam Powered Giraffe Merch Booth/ COBO

. Q&A: 5pm-6pm/ Panel Rm. A/ COBO

. Autograph Session: 6pm-8pm/ COBO


. Webcomic Artists: 11am-Noon/ Panel Rm. E/ COBO

. Be Your Own Bot: 1pm-2pm/ Panel Rm. C/ COBO

. Autograph Session: 3pm-4:30pm/ COBO

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