Zim Tzu goes through dED NOTE: This has bad words.

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Zim Tzu goes through dED NOTE: This has bad words.

Postby huangjian123 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:40 am

Most of the other things we write on here usually don’t Womens Laquon Treadwell Jersey , but this one does. It seems to be a popular bit, so until the law catches up with me, I’m going to keep doing it. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for not reading and not letting your kids read it if bad language isn’t your thing. Hope you enjoy the rest of our articles—JoshThat’s right bishes, it’s a substitute effort on Zim Tzu this week. And just like all other substitutues, feel free to hate me and throw paper airplanes around this joint cause I clearly have less moral authority than the real teacher.Well, I’m not sure how many Vikings fans expected what was coming on Sunday, but I’d say the number was somewhere between 99 and 101 percent of us. I mean, what else is new? Playing down to the level of an inferior team, getting blown at home, suffering a historic loss when expecting to win, **** up expectations when it comes to living up to the team’s potential ability to win a Super Bowl.So what do you have to do when you blew a game you should have won, one of your captains is dealing with mental health issues, and you’re heading out on the road to face one of the few other teams in your conference that could challenge for a Super Bowl this season.Sounds like a good recipe for success, I know! Because you are Zim Tzu, The King In The North, Breaker Of Gold Fever, The One Who Ties Packers and Gets Run Over by Bills, High Septon Of Eagan, Lord Commander Of The Iron Range And Twin Cities, Master Of Fortress TCO, Honorary Elder Of Mankato and Protector Of The Realm.That’s where Ted (and I, for this week and next) come in. What Ted and I (and I truly do mean just us, I better not get sued over this ****) do is break down the film* of the press conference, send what Mike Zimmer said through our own personal translators**, then spew it back out for public consumption***.*Yes http://www.thevikingsfootballauthentic.com/andrew-sendejo-jersey-authentic , it is more instructive than anything Leslie Frazier ever said, no it should not be considered helpful medical or legal advice.**And I’m not talking about those jank-ass translators they have on whatever the latest sci-fi show is, I’m talking the translators that everyone gets when six bottles of beer are on the floor.***I’d recommend wearing sunglasses because the taeks in these articles have a tendency to blind people for their hotness.As he usually does, Mike Zimmer opened his press conference with a statement (Note, this press conference happened yesterday):What Zim Tzu meant: Well that was a ****’ disaster, wasn’t it? This team played flatter than Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is on Sunday, and now we have to go face the New Best Team in the West. On a Short Week. Because why the hell not. Oh, and they’ve only gotten better since we kicked their asses last season, and it certainly seems like we’ve gotten worse since then. But who knows, maybe that **** on their sidelines is still feeding that shlub under center his feeds and maybe this defense can pull something out of their asses.Q: Is football important when it comes to Everson [Griffen] right now? Are you worried about his well-being?What Zim Tzu meant: What the **** else can happen to this team while I’m in charge? I mean, we’ve literally almost had a player’s leg fall off, I lost my best running back for a year due to legal and league issues, my offensive line all died one year, and I’ve been cycling through quarterbacks like heroin addicts cycle through dealers. Of COURSE one of my captains needs to have a mental health evaluation. Guess I should be glad that I wasn’t around when the ceiling fell in on that old piece of **** stadium, though I suppose the new one could always catch fire if one of those birds those guys were worried about fall into the glass and the glass decides to microwave the field.Q: When did you know [Griffen] was out of sorts? Do you hope to see him soon?What Zim Tzu meant: All right you ****, one more person asks me a question I don’t like about Griff, I’m going Melissa McCarthy on your asses and throwing this podium right through you.Q: Do you think the [Everson Griffen] situation affected your football team’s focus on Sunday?What Zim Tzu meant: I’ll kill any of you sons of bitches who lets it out of the room, but what else would explain that disgraceful display on Sunday? I mean, it was Buffalo for ****’s sakes, not the **** Monstars. We **** well better find a supply of that “Michael’s Juice” before we hit the field against L.A. this afternoon because if we don’t, I’m making these sons of bitches walk home.Q: What is the biggest challenge the Rams offense will present?What Zim Tzu meant: Yeah, you know how everyone was bragging about how good our offense was going to be before this season? Yeah, think like that, but only with an offensive line. That’s what we’re facing tonight. ****.Q: Did you watch a lot of last year’s tape when you played the Rams? You guys played well against them.What Zim Tzu meant: You’re **** right we put on last year’s tape. Hell I have that game’s tape on a permanent loop in my bedroom. You know, to help me fall asleep. Nothing like proving to the rest of the world that those sons of bitches aren’t as good as everyone thought they were. If it happens again tonight, I may never sleep again.Q: What does Suh add to their defensive line?What Zim Tzu meant: For **** sakes Youth Mike Hughes Jersey , if our offensive line hasn’t learned how to block again before tonight’s game, Kirk could very well be leaving this game in a body bag. Thank the good Lord that the only good part of L.A.’s defense that is fully healthy right now is their defensive line, because if we also had to deal with those corners, I think we’d be playing to see how long it takes us to cross the 50-yard line again. ****.Q: What if anything can Kirk do to cut down on fumbles?What Zim Tzu meant: Kirk, I love you man, but if you fumble even once this game I swear I will personally cut your hands off and use them as boxing gloves to teach the corners how to play coverage. HOLD ON TO THE **** BALL JACKASS.Q: You’ve talked about pass rush discipline in the past. How did you think that was on Sunday and how does the ability of teams to extend plays stress the defense?What Zim Tzu meant: WHEN I SAY KEEP THE **** QUARTERBACK IN THE POCKET, YOU KEEP THE **** QUARTERBACK IN THE POCKET. ****.Q: It’s one thing to play on Thursday Night, but how tough is it to play a team two time zones away on the road on Thursday Night?What Zim Tzu meant: Hey you scheduling sons of bitches, can a team get a home game on Thursday night just ONCE? I mean, for ****’s sakes, how likely is it that we’re on the road for every **** one of our short-week games while I’m here? About as likely as a man actually deserving to wear a large condom, that’s how. ****.Alright you sons of bitches, let’s go out there, hope our fans outnumber the Rams to make it seem more like a home game, and prove that Week three was just a **** fluke.See you next week.Transcript: Minnesota Vikings Defensive Coordinator George Edwards, 14 August On Tuesday afternoon at the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, Minnesota Vikings Defensive Coordinator George Edwards got an opportunity to address the media. Quite a few subjects were talked about, including the progress of Mike Hughes, the upcoming joint practices with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and some reasoning for why Marcus Sherels will probably be on this roster for a long time to come.Below is the full transcript of Edwards’ remarks on Tuesday, courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings PR Department.Coming back from our first preseason game, getting back to work yesterday and today. Then we’ve got Jacksonville in here to practice against the next two days. Guys are coming back in after the game, we got the stuff corrected. We’re looking forward to try to get better over the next couple days.Q: What are your thoughts on Mike Hughes performance?A: Mike did a lot of good things. The attention to detail that he displayed schematically with what we’re asking him to do, for a rookie, was impressive for the first outing. We just look for him to keep continuing to compete every day and keep working on the fundamentals and techniques that we’re asking him to do. Just look for him to be consistent as we keep working down the road.Q: Is there anybody that you like to compare Hughes to?A: Well, I’m not really in the comparison business but I’ll say this Womens Danielle Hunter Jersey , for everything that we’re asking him to do, to play inside and outside, he’s been as good as any that we’ve had in here with the attention to detail with what we’re asking out of him as far as an inside nickel and outside corner. He really has excelled. You could see it carry over from practice right to the game, it wasn’t big for him at all.Q: Do you like the joint practices and if so, why?A: I think it’ll be good work against a good football team that had a lot of success last year. For our guys to come out here and we’ve been working against our offense since we started, I think it’ll be a good change of pace. Definitely going to be good work against their personnel and schematics of what they try to do. We’re excited about it. For us, it’s still an evaluation to get out here and work the techniques and the fundamentals between each group. Just tie it all together that way. Rather than going against our offense, which we’ve kind of been going against all offseason and here at training camp, it’s kind of a break from that and working on something new schematically.Q: How do you limit the tension and altercations that have occurred in other joint practices around the league?A: I think coaches explain to our guys what the purpose of this is and we can’t let emotions be the driving thing as far as our reactions and our decisions. It’s going to be competitive but you also have to control your emotions. During the course of the game, we don’t want penalties. So, we try to simulate all those things out here at practice and try to get them to understand how important it is and that it’s imperative that we don’t have penalties that hurt ourselves.Q: What did you make of the new rules in the first preseason game?A: I think our guys, going in we have emphasized it, we’ve always kind of emphasized looking at your target and keeping your head up. So, we didn’t really have a lot of problems with it. I know the other team had two penalties called, one of them was that. We just keep emphasizing the fundamentals. The point of emphasis is that for the preseason and going into the season and rightly so. So, we’re just going to keep preaching it, we’re going to keep working on it, keep coaching it. Hopefully we don’t have any problems with guys ducking their heads.Q: Do you think it will have an impact on the game?A: I think it will but I think it’s a necessary means, it’ll clean up some of the guys that do lower their helmets. But, at the end of the day, I think everybody is teaching to keep your head up. We just have to keep emphasizing it. They know that it’s going to be called so hopefully we can take out helmet hits to the head, we can take that out of it. Q: What kind of transition do you think it will take for guys across the league?A: All I can do is talk about what we do. What other guys, how they’re coaching it or how they’re emphasizing it. There are some really tough calls when you look at it. I think a part of that is because it is such a big emphasis. But, at the end of the day, for player safety, I think it’s a tool that we need to make sure we are on top of as far as our coaching and our teaching.Q: What’s the biggest challenge for Jalyn Holmes?A: I think Jalyn Womens Dalvin Cook Jersey , right now, is just adjusting to a new technique, new fundamentals as we’re playing him inside. Just being more consistent, I think, is the biggest thing with him right now in the run game and the pass game. He really flashed some good pass rush for us in this past game. He’s a lot better against the run in this ball game. The consistent factor, looking for it out here in practice. I don’t think the game was too big for him. He kind of parlayed what we’ve been teaching him to the game and really did some nice things for us this past week.Q: How come Anthony Barr didn’t play in Denver?A: Those questions coach is going to have to answer for you. I refer all those to him when it comes to the injuries or who is up or who is down. Q: How has he looked so far in camp?A: He’s had a good camp. He’s done a good camp. We’ve asked him to do some things pass rush wise and he’s really taken it and really excelled at it as we’ve been working through the process this offseason and through training camp.Q: What has it been like as a defensive coach as every year these point of emphasis seem to regard defenses changing the way they play the game?A: Well, they’re doing a lot of things for player safety, which is great. Then just the different things that we’ve had to adjust to. I mean, let’s face it, this is an offensive driven league when it comes to that. I’ve been doing it for 21 years, over those 21 years there’s been those points of emphasis every year. Whether it’s been contact down the field, whether it’s the helmets now. Whatever it is, we’ve had to adjust to it, you have to adapt your coaching to it. Because it is a point of emphasis and we don’t want penalties to set us back and stop drives and do all those things as we progress during the course of the season. I think it’s all been good for the game and we’ve just got to keep working to clean things up and make it the best so they can compete at the highest level that they can.Q: Where do you think Marcus Sherels is at as a cornerback at this point of his career?A: Marcus has done a tremendous job for us. He’s worn a lot of hats for us defensively since we’ve been here. You talk about his punt return ability but he plays the nickel for us, we have no problem sticking him in there to play nickel, and he plays outside. So, Marcus is an asset to us defensively. Also, as far as going into the game, having him on the roster, the capabilities if something happens or package-wise if we want to use his skill set, we know that he’s right there. It’s been a blessing to have him.

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