Prop is metal. What can I do?

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Prop is metal. What can I do?

Postby lupacexi » Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:39 am

Ok so this will be my second Con and I'm trying to really get into this one. I'm going as Vega from SF. So, I couldn't find a good claw for the life of me, and the one that came with my costume was garbage. So, I ordered a bad **** one online. Turns out it's metal, which I just read isn't allowed.

Now, this claw isn't sharp and isn't really heavy. I can slide it against my skin and it's about as blunt as can be, no problems there. Will it still be a problem? And if so, can I tape the claw up and conceal the metal and still use it? I don't have many other options and was really stoked about this claw. It makes the costume!

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