So what exactly is a VAT?

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So what exactly is a VAT?

Postby ngsilver » Sat Apr 12, 2008 1:11 am

Ok, you might have noticed that there has been some changes in the wording on the main site when it pertains to AMVs. So let me tell you what this means exactly.

First off, no, we did not get rid of the AMV room. The AMV room still exists, it just does in a different form now.

Basically, the AMV room has evolved into a VAT room. VAT stands for Video/Audio Track. This essentially means that the content in the VAT room is not AMV exclusive, like it had been in the past.

Nothing much has changed however beyond the name and the type of content that you will find in the VAT. It'll still be as laid back and fun to hang out in. The majority of what you'll see will be AMVs, mostly because AMV content is more prolific then the other forms (and to hopefully not crouch too much into Anime Hell and Midnight Madness' territory should those events return this year.)

Basically you will see AMVs, M@Ds (Japanese AMVs (yes, they are different,)) Fan Parodies, Flash Videos, Video Game Videos, CG videos, ect. The key here is that the content contains audio, video, and is fan made.

We'll be accepting panel requests shortly for those of you who might have a panel relating to VAT content, so keep tuned. As always, I look forward to another fun con.

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