AMVAMV project, a no excuses editing project

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AMVAMV project, a no excuses editing project

Postby Potato_Baron3 » Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:32 am

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The short of it is thus: In conversation, myself and several other folks decided we wanted to put together a comedy project that evoked the rapid-fire humor of Vine and Japanese commercials. A montage of six second AMVs and other fan content that followed the format. We want to put it together and show it at Youmacon, which is the convention we staff at, in the Fan Art Theater showing room. We always draw a crowd for comedy events, so it was a no-brainer. The name of this project is the Anime Music Vine-style Anime Music Video. We want rapid fire jokes, with no room for the audience to stop laughing or catch their breath. Our editing team will be assembling the submissions into a work that has a flow, as dictated by the submissions themselves. Any silly idea you have might work here where it never would elsewhere, and we welcome your submissions. We felt that this project was a good chance to get everyone to make something, as six seconds isn't a long commitment, usually.

Basic Rules:
-No video submissions will be accepted that are shorter than 1.5 seconds, or longer than 6.5 seconds.
-We also won't accept more than five minutes worth of submissions from any individual editor. Collaborations are counted as their own editor for the purposes of submission, granting the group their own five minutes.
-We would like our footage in either 4:3 or 16:9 for your submission.
-Any obvious retreads of AMV hell content will be rejected.
-No submission is guaranteed inclusion.
-Please submit digitally.
-Entries should be submitted by the end of June 2016, to give us time to edit the montage and iron out any issues before the convention.

Submission is open! You can submit us an online link to your video, and we will nab it and add it in.
Please direct those entry links to for now.

The Anime Music Vine-Style Anime Music Video
A Fan Art Theater + Friends Production
Montage Editor: ngsilver
Fan Art Theater Collaborators and prototyping: Potato_Baron3, Synopsysbane & Mabradbu
Editors: You!

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