Youmacon 2014 Video/Audio Track Competition (AMV Contest)

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Youmacon 2014 Video/Audio Track Competition (AMV Contest)

Postby ngsilver » Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:41 pm


Important Contest Info

The winners can be found here: ... t_2014.php

Entries Due: September 19th, 2014

Contest Database:

Contest Info Page (includes PDF & HTML formatted rules):

Contest Coordinator: Nate (vat [AT]

Video Tutorials:

Major Change Notes:
FTP accounts will be created automatically for each entry. Please allow 3 days after you submit your entry from for the account to be created. You will need to visit the entry status page to get your account creds.
In light of the issues we have had with creating an upload system via the entry website, we will allow users who have difficulty with FTP to submit their entries via other web sharing systems. We will NOT accept youtube or other streaming video links and all files obtained this way must still adhere to all contest rules. You will provide your links for download via the alter entry form.
Judging and Awards will be handled slightly differently this year, further info via the xDieguitoAMV rule found here: ... andled.pdf

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Video/Audio Track Competition Rules

Postby ngsilver » Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:43 pm

Youmacon 2014 Video/Audio Track Competition

Please read through all the rules before entering!

Entry Requirements:

• All videos must be in the hands of the Contest Coordinator by September 19th, 2014. You have until MIDNIGHT on that Friday night to get your video in. (all times Eastern)
• There is no set limit to the number of entries per creator that can be submitted to the contest.
o Total Length for all videos submitted per creator must not exceed 25 mins.
 This means we will accept 50 30 sec videos, 1 25 min video, or any mixture in-between.
• Videos that have been submitted to a previous Youmacon Contest will not be eligible to compete.
• Multi-editor videos are also accepted. When filling out the entry form please supply information for the other members in the comments field.
• Entries may not contain bumpers, title screens, MTV style credits, or any other form of identification. We will be creating our own uniform bumpers and to ensure the quality of all entries are maintained we will not remove them for you.
o This rule may be overlooked if such identification is done creatively in a way that can not be easily removed. However this, like all other rules, is left to the coordinator’s discretion.
• All videos must be a minimum of 30 seconds long.
• The maximum length for videos submitted must not go over the allotted 25 mins available per creator.
• By submitting your video(s) to this contest you authorize us to screen and distribute it under the Youmacon Video/Audio Track Competition Title. All physical media (CD-R, DVD-R, Thumb drive, ect) submitted becomes the property of Youmacon Enterprises/Defying Convetions and will not be returned.
• There are no content requirements for this contest. Your videos may contain any type of footage you see fit to use, provided it doesn’t fall into one of the categories for disqualification.
o The allowable footage types include but is not limited to the following:
 Anime
 Manga
 Live Action
 My Little Pony
 Non-Japanese Cartoons
 Video Games

• Entries may be disqualified for the following reasons:
o Objectionable content in the song or video
o Bad audio or video quality
o Subtitled footage
o Failure to adhere to submission rules
o Lack of entry form
o Any reason Youmacon VAT Staff deems necessary.
 If you are unsure if your video would be disqualified due to the above rule e-mail the contest coordinator and we can view the content of your video and make a decision.
 A special stipulation is in place for entries DQ’ed due to content of their video being too much for a general audience. Such entries will automatically be submitted to the Adult Competition and shown during our late night blocks.
• Exceptions to the rules will be made on a video-by-video basis.

Entry Format:

• Entries will ONLY be accepted in the following formats:
o MPEG-2
o H.264 / x.264 (preferred)
 .mp4 files ONLY
• The following containers, formats and codecs will NOT be accepted:
o Videotape (VHS or Betamax)
o Authored DVD (If it plays like a DVD in a DVD Player)
o RM
o Xvid
o Divx
o DV
o Any other item not listed in the accepted list above
• For optimum viewing at con, all videos should include at least 1 second of black space before and after the video.

• Digital Video File format specifications:
o Videos will be played on a large projection screen. As such, high quality will be expected. For the best results submitting a video that has at least a 640x480 resolution is required (or 640x352 if you are working with widescreen footage.) Submitting videos smaller then this (including using source smaller then this) will degrade the visual quality of the video, which may lead to disqualification.
o We will no longer accept videos submitted interlaced. All videos MUST be progressive.
o As letterboxing and pillarboxing will degrade the final viewing size at the convention, we no longer will allow for videos to be submitted with letterboxing or pillar boxing. All videos MUST be submitted in their native aspect ratio.
 If your video contains black bars at the top/bottom or sides, this means you have letterboxing/pillarboxing in your video.
• We gladly accept HD videos. Our setup at the convention will be able to display videos at least at 720p quality with the possibility to display higher resolutions.
o If you plan to submit an HD video please keep in mind that the better the codec you use the better the final quality will be. HD videos should not be sent in using mpeg2, we recommend h.264/x.264 for this.

Contest Information:

• The contest will be shown either via a computer directly to the projector or via an authored DVD if such a need arises. Those of you submitting via MPEG2 will benefit from following the DVD specifications outlined: ... ations.htm
• All videos not disqualified will compete.
• Information on showings in rooms other then the VAT will be announced when they are figured out.
• Due to the amount of entries submitted and time permitted for showing entries we may not be able to show every video submitted during the course of the convention. We will allow for creators to request specific videos of their own during showing blocks in order to see their entries up on the big screen, but cannot guarantee that any of a creator’s videos submitted to us will be shown during the convention.
• Judging and Awards will be handled drastically different this year due to the above change in viewing at the convention. Please see the full explanation, ala the xDieguitoAMV Rule, here: Youmacon_2014_How_Awards_and_Judging_is_Handled
• You do not need to be present to win. However the fastest means of receiving your award will be to either be present or have a proxy at the con to pick your award(s) up for you.
o If you will have a proxy at the con to accept your award(s) send an email to the contest coordinator with the name of your proxy.
o The convention will mail out awards after the con to those who did not pick them up at con. The timeframe these will be sent is entirely based on availability of funds for shipping by the convention and may take up to a few months.
 The convention regrets to inform you that this courtesy can only be extended to entrants in the United States. All international entrants will need to make arrangements with the coordinator in order to receive their award(s).

• Due to the nature of the competition and the sheer breadth of video types able to be submitted we are no longer following a category submission system. That is to say there are no longer categories, but instead all videos submitted to the competition will compete against each other in order to obtain awards decided upon via our judges/attendees in accordance with the xDieguitoAMV Rule.

• You may submit entries to the following competitions/categories:
o Adult:
 Videos in this competition are too adult in nature to be shown to the general con audience. Extreme violence, language, and sexual scenes are the general content of these videos.
o Other
 This category is strictly for use by panelists who need to submit their videos to the con for viewing. Only to be used if asked by the coordinator.
o Staff
 If you are Youmacon staff this is the only competition you are allowed to compete in. This is for pure bragging rights amongst staff, Adult competition excluded however.
o Exhibition
 All videos submitted to the contest that do not fall into the other competitions above will fall into this one. The mass majority of entries will fall into this category.

Entry Submissions:

• We will be employing a Contest Database system for keeping track of entries. The system will be used to fill out entry forms, request priority seating at the contest, request ftp information, view status of entries, and much more.
• All entries must contain an entry form. Those submitting multiple entries will need to submit a form for each video.
o The Database can be found here:
 If you already have an account you do not need to make a new one, even if you have never submitted to Youmacon before. Simply log in and make sure your creator information is up to date.

• An FTP account will automatically be created for each entry form you submit (1 account per entry.) This can take aprox. 3 days to be created. After the account is created you will need to visit the entry status page in order to find the FTP account information.
• After you have finished uploading your video(s), you need to return to the entry status page and close each account in order to complete your submission(s). Your video(s) will NOT be viewed and worked with until this has happened.
o Each FTP account will be limited to only 1GB of space. If your video file is larger than 1GB please compress the video further or submit your entry via snail-mail. No exceptions will be granted to this rule.
o FTP accounts are granted for 1 video and any accompanying files for that video. You must request a new account for each entry you submit. Any entries submitted using the wrong FTP account, as well as files not pertaining to the specific entry will be discarded.

• Entries may also be mailed. Send your video(s) and printed entry form(s) to:
o ATTN: Youmacon 2014
o Nathan Silverthorn
o 28675 Franklin Rd. APT 201
o Southfield, Mi, 48034

• Please make sure to include a printed copy of your entry form with your snail-mailed entry. You can print the form off from the Entry Status Section.
• The following media types will be accepted: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-DL, DVD+DL, Thumbdrives, Blu-Ray Disk.
o Remember that all media submitted will not be returned. Do not send us your only copy.
• Label the disk with your name and the video title(s) on the disk
• You may put multiple videos on a single disk.
o If your file is larger then the space available on a disk you may split the file using a program like WinRAR. Simply label the disks as 1,2,3,ect

Any and all questions regarding the contest may be directed to the contest coordinator at vat [AT] youmacon [DOT] com

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2014 Adult Contest Rules

Postby ngsilver » Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:43 pm

Youmacon 2014 Adult Music Video Contest

• You may submit as many videos as you want to the Adult Contest, as long as you made them.
• There is no time limit on videos.
• Fill out the Standard Contest Entry Form and select Adult as the category.
• FTP/Upload access will be created automatically.
• Submit your videos also to the same snail-mail address, however, Adult videos need to be on a separate disk from normal contest videos. (they can be shipped together)
• The contest itself will be 2-4 hours long, depending on how many entries are received.
• Entries will compete for the Best of Show award and any Honorable Mentions.
• Videos in the Adult Contest may contain any source material. However as this is a music video contest each entry must be in the form of a music video. We will not accept amateur porn or voyeuristic videos as valid entries. Also keep in mind all applicable laws for your state/province as well as local Michigan/Detroit laws when submitting entries. We WILL NOT accept any videos that break these laws.
• Adult material will be defined as pornographic, ultra violent, sick, nasty, and utterly wrong. As this is an adult contest, there needs to be approx 50% adult material in order for the video to be accepted.
• Videos will be pre-selected for the showing.
• The contest will take place on Saturday night of the convention during the adult showing block in the VAT.
• All persons entering this contest must be 18 years of age or older.

Any questions or concerns please direct them to vat [AT] youmacon [DOT] com

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Video/Audio Track Competition Finalists

Postby ngsilver » Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:44 pm

The following entries are finalists and will be played at the convention during our entry showing blocks.

Entry # - - Contest - - Video Title

3 - - Exhibition - - The Fighting Ippo
5 - - Exhibition - - Just Like Music
8 - - Exhibition - - Mirrors
10 - - Exhibition - - Under Control
14 - - Exhibition - - Underneath the Water
17 - - Exhibition - - Rebecca!
21 - - Exhibition - - Rescue Angels!
29 - - Exhibition - - The Show
37 - - Exhibition - - Transmissions
39 - - Exhibition - - Swim Team Rivalry
47 - - Exhibition - - Mini Squiddy Days ~ The Legend of Mini Squiddy
48 - - Exhibition - - Low Toned Intolerance
49 - - Exhibition - - Pull Me Down
50 - - Exhibition - - Juno
51 - - Exhibition - - Dare You To Dream
53 - - Exhibition - - Ring of Fire
54 - - Exhibition - - Anime Slap Empire - v3
56 - - Exhibition - - Eclipse the Stone
58 - - Exhibition - - KICKS
62 - - Exhibition - - AMV(&humor)
63 - - Exhibition - - A Way
65 - - Exhibition - - I HATE THAT AMV!
66 - - Exhibition - - Berserk: Die MF Die
67 - - Exhibition - - Attack on Badassdom
68 - - Exhibition - - The Signal
69 - - Exhibition - - The Will to Win
72 - - Exhibition - - One Vision
73 - - Exhibition - - Endless Odyssey
77 - - Exhibition - - Eighties!
78 - - Exhibition - - Madoka Nebula
82 - - Exhibition - - The Story
83 - - Exhibition - - Dirty Revenge
84 - - Exhibition - - Rejected_AMVs
85 - - Exhibition - - Identity Crisis
91 - - Exhibition - - Forgotten ****
92 - - Exhibition - - Ethereal Horizon
98 - - Exhibition - - Super Fighting Bros
100 - - Exhibition - - Fatality
101 - - Exhibition - - My Nipples Can Pierce The Heavens
102 - - Exhibition - - Sleepy Sun Bears
104 - - Exhibition - - Fancy Feast Beta
106 - - Exhibition - - Throwback
107 - - Exhibition - - YTMND AMV: Fad Entertainment System
114 - - Exhibition - - 1 Million Views (guaranteed)
115 - - Exhibition - - Better Than Godzilla
116 - - Exhibition - - A True Ladies Man...In Space
117 - - Exhibition - - Mild Mild East
118 - - Exhibition - - A Real American Hero
123 - - Exhibition - - Serious Business
125 - - Exhibition - - Rhythm&Melody
126 - - Exhibition - - Pamplemousse
127 - - Exhibition - - Songs of Freedom
128 - - Exhibition - - How it Feels to Chew 5 Gum
129 - - Exhibition - - Miss Independent
130 - - Exhibition - - Moral Devastation
137 - - Exhibition - - Shingeki no Choji
139 - - Exhibition - - This White Night Fantasy
140 - - Exhibition - - Blame
143 - - Exhibition - - Downfall: Absolution
148 - - Exhibition - - Ever Sleeping Beauty
151 - - Exhibition - - Winter Soldiers
152 - - Exhibition - - Remade Destiny of the Magic Knights
154 - - Exhibition - - Ship Happens
155 - - Exhibition - - Rule the World
156 - - Exhibition - - Otaku Paradise
157 - - Exhibition - - Alchemy Zone
158 - - Exhibition - - Fierce
159 - - Exhibition - - Hot Blooded
160 - - Exhibition - - Vampiric Vixen
161 - - Exhibition - - Soul Eaters Anonymous
164 - - Exhibition - - Fighting For Your Love Remastered
165 - - Exhibition - - Sending Freedom
167 - - Exhibition - - Sanctus Infernus
169 - - Exhibition - - Angel Without a Cause
170 - - Exhibition - - Paper and Pencils
172 - - Exhibition - - Stop; Redo
173 - - Exhibition - - Who We Are
176 - - Exhibition - - Find Our Way
177 - - Exhibition - - Affection Overload
178 - - Exhibition - - Starry Eyed - Killer Series
179 - - Exhibition - - Timeless
180 - - Exhibition - - Rise and Conquer

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Video/Audio Track Competition Winners

Postby ngsilver » Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:44 pm

Congratulations to all of our winners! It was a tough competition to judge this year with all the great entries. I will have a full list up and running with all entrants and what not when I get back from the con.

Entry Number - - contest - - Studio - - Entrant - - Video Title - - Song - - Awards Won

3 - - Exhibition - - Way of the Pride - - Compbros - - The Fighting Ippo - - Gym Class Heroes - The Fighter - - Little Mac's Hawaiian Punch Award
12 - - Exhibition - - Advent Lost Studios - - AdventLostKaichou - - Hey, Miss Spring - - Train - Hey, Soul Sister - - Eye can't look away
14 - - Exhibition - - - - Kirbygal - - Underneath the Water - - Oddboy18 - Underneath the Water - - Michael Phelps Award
17 - - Exhibition - - - - James Blond - - Rebecca! - - Bravest Warriors - Dramabug Minisode - - Shut up I'ma watchin mah stories
21 - - Exhibition - - Soul Anime Studios - - MoonieAMV - - Rescue Angels! - - Chip \'n Dale Rescue Rangers - Theme Song - - The Hope Award
29 - - Exhibition - - Dvl-Productions - - Dvl-Jigen - - The Show - - Britt Nicole - Welcome to the Show - - Count the Kyubies
39 - - Exhibition - - Mad World Productions - - Celia Phantomhive - - Swim Team Rivalry - - Ini Kamoze - Here Comes the Hotstepper (Yuksek remix) - - This video makes me wet!
47 - - Exhibition - - Soul Anime Studios - - MoonieAMV - - Mini Squiddy Days ~ The Legend of Mini Squiddy - - The Legend Of Zelda - Hyrule Field (Techno Remix) - - I just inked myself
48 - - Exhibition - - Way of the Pride Studios - - LoneSaiyan115 - - Low Toned Intolerance - - Tsperio - Racist Bassist - - the equal opportunity award
50 - - Exhibition - - - - MinetChan - - Juno - - Juno - Movie Trailer - Trailer Audio - - 2 Gallons of Sunny D
54 - - Exhibition - - Soul Anime Studios - - MoonieAMV - - Anime Slap Empire - v3 - - Shintani Ryoko, Daniel Lippert - Born to be happy (Instrumental Version), Dashing Harmony - - Gone with the wind
62 - - Exhibition - - Shin-Ei Gumi - - BasharOfTheAges - - AMV(&humor) - - Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart - - I Have The Weirdest Boner Right Now
63 - - Exhibition - - Shin-Ei Gumi - - BasharOfTheAges - - A Way - - Johnny Cash - Hurt - - It's all Homura's Falt
65 - - Exhibition - - - - Maboroshi Studio - - I HATE THAT AMV! - - Psychostick - Hate Times 8 - - "that doesn't go there" award
77 - - Exhibition - - - - Unlucky Artist - - Eighties! - - Killing Joke - Eighties - - That 80s Show
82 - - Exhibition - - PixelBlended Studios - - l33tmeatwad - - The Story - - One Direction - The Story of My Life - - hashtag polar vortex
85 - - Exhibition - - PixelBlended Studios - - l33tmeatwad - - Identity Crisis - - Anthony Vincent - In the End (20 Style Cover) - - This award doesnt even matter
98 - - Exhibition - - PixelBlended Studios - - irriadin - - Super Fighting Bros - - One OK Rock - No Scared - - The $400 Broken Joystick Award
101 - - Exhibition - - "It's a Trap!" Productions - - drewaconclusion - - My Nipples Can Pierce The Heavens - - Right Said Fred - I\'m Too Sexy - - The Magic Mike Award
105 - - Exhibition - - "It's a Trap!" Productions - - drewaconclusion - - Fancy Feast Gamma - - Fancy Feast - Commercial Audio - - Meow Mix Award for Professional Excellence
112 - - Exhibition - - Way of the Pride - - Competitionbros - - The Doc is Sin - - The Venetia Fair - Gullinkambi\'s Return - - Bad Shroooms
148 - - Exhibition - - Serious Business Studios - - GloryQuestor - - Ever Sleeping Beauty - - Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There? (Live) - - Best in Show
154 - - Exhibition - - - - VivifxAMV - - Ship Happens - - Not Literally - I Ship It - - That's my Trigger Award
155 - - Exhibition - - - - SeekingStarlight - - Rule the World - - Lorde - Everybody Wants to Rule the World - - Randy Marsh Is Lorde award
156 - - Exhibition - - - - BecauseImBored1 - - Otaku Paradise - - Phillip Phillips - Raging Fire - - Cosplay is not Consent
158 - - Exhibition - - - - BecauseImBored1 - - Fierce - - Lady Gaga - Fashion - - Lady Gaga's Closet
170 - - Exhibition - - Otaku Lounge Productions - - Rider4Z - - Paper and Pencils - - Linkin Park - The Catalyst - - Open, Remove, Place, Set, Click, Repeat
38 - - Staff - - Sailor Death Productions - - Sailor Death - - Mayachete - - Robert Rodriguez - Machete Trailer - - Best Staff
70 - - Adult - - - - Maboroshi Studio - - Freakshow I - - Thomas Newman - To The Shock Of Miss Louise - - Best Adult

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Re: Youmacon 2014 Video/Audio Track Competition (AMV Contest

Postby ngsilver » Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:43 pm

Just an update. As the deadline draws near (10 days left!) it is especially important that you verify that the entry your are submitting adheres to the rules, specifically the technical requirements. This goes doubly so for those using snail-mail to submit. I will not approve an incorrectly formatted entry even if it was express mailed via fed-ex overnight. I hate to DQ an entry sent over the mail, but if it doesn't meet the requirements, it will be DQ'ed along with all digital submissions.

Please take a moment to double check your entries before submitting. The re-submission period will be short this year and the deadline (where you have unlimited re-submission attempts) is fast approaching.

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Re: Youmacon 2014 Video/Audio Track Competition (AMV Contest

Postby ngsilver » Fri Sep 12, 2014 6:33 pm

Friendly reminder that there is now only 1 week left until the deadline! I think now is a perfect time to remind everyone about our final submission policy and re-submit policy.

First off, you have until 11:59PM EDT on Sept 19th 2014 in order to submit your entry form. Once Midnight hits on Sept 20th EDT I will close submissions and not accept any more entry forms. Now, as per the new system there is no need to request an FTP account for your entries and one will be created automatically for you. The FTP info will not be sent to you right away, however I will do my best to ensure that all FTP accounts are authorized and ready to go shortly after the deadline.

Now, once you have your FTP account, you have until 11:59PM EDT on Sept 21st in order to submit your entry to us. That is, you must have your entry finished uploaded by Midnight EDT on Sept 22nd (that is Monday morning) or your video will not be accepted. All FTP accounts will be automatically closed at this time and what ever videos are in the account folders will be released for processing.

I will submit initial QC reports shortly after this time (file format adhereance, basic rules adhereance, credit check, playbackable, ect) If your video passes this initial QC your entry will be marked as status 'Received'. If your entry does not pass this QC check your entry will be marked as 'Problems Found' and DQ'ed.

Snail-mail entries need to be in my hands by Sept 20th!

Now, as for our resubmission policy. Up until the deadline of the 19th we allow unlimited resubmissions in order to fix issues with your entries. However, we can only begin the QC pass once your FTP accounts are marked as closed and the videos released for checking. So be sure to close your FTP accounts once you are finished uploading in order to have your entries processed before the deadline. Once the deadline happens you are only allowed 1 attempt to resolve any issues and the time frame for resubmissions is only 3 days after the FTP deadline as we require time to do final processing and judging before the convention.

Re-submissions after the deadline are only allowed via FTP. If your entry requires resubmission you will need to request a resubmit FTP account via the entry status page. You will receive FTP info to resubmit. Once done close the account or wait until the resubmit deadline (date will be sent to all entrants who have DQ'ed videos.) At that point no further re-submissions will be allowed.

The final QC step will happen during judging. So as long as your entry is marked as received then it will compete and pass through final QC. We will announce the final playback list for entries at the con sometime the week before the convention. You can also check the entry status page to see if your entry is marked as 'Accepted' as that will mean your entry will be shown at con. Any entries marked as 'overflow' will not be shown at con unless we receive a request during our request blocks.

As always, if there are any questions please let me know.

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Re: Youmacon 2014 Video/Audio Track Competition (AMV Contest

Postby ngsilver » Mon Sep 22, 2014 12:14 am

And times up!

All FTP accounts have been auto-closed the the FTP has been turned off. Any entrants still connected will be allowed to finish their uploads but once they disconnect they will not be allowed back in.

I will begin work on finishing up QC for all entries I now have access to. I will only send out notification to entrants who have been DQ'ed and not passed QC, providing info on the re-submission rules and deadline. If you do not receive an email from me tonight consider your entry fine, however I recommend checking the entry status page tomorrow to be sure in case there are issues with receiving my email.

I want to thank everyone for your submissions this year. Ya'll have made this year the biggest year yet for the competition and I am humbled by the response. While not every entry will be able to be shown at the con, we've received way too many for the time slots we have available, I can say that every entry that passes QC will complete and our judges will have to sit through every single one! (They love it though) Good luck to all the entrants!

Also, anyone who has won an award at a previous Youmacon contest, if you're going to AWA please let me know. I would like to get your awards to you and will gladly bring them with me to the con. I am still working out the logistics for shipping with the con and rather then waiting I can present your medals and certificates while we're together.

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Re: Youmacon 2014 Video/Audio Track Competition (AMV Contest

Postby ngsilver » Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:01 am

I have posted the finalists. You can find the list here: viewtopic.php?p=278283#p278283

All entries in the finalist list will be shown at the convention during our entry showing blocks. Congratulations to all of our finalists. I will be updating the entry status in the entry system shortly.

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Re: Youmacon 2014 Video/Audio Track Competition (AMV Contest

Postby ngsilver » Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:31 am

Congratulations once again to all of our winners! I have the final winner list as well as entry list up and ready for use. You can head here to find it: ... t_2014.php

This was a great competition and the best one at Youmacon yet! Thank you all for taking part in our 10th year and I hope to see even more awesome entries next year!

Anyone who would like to catch a re-stream of any event at the con you can do so from our livestream channel -

Award Ceremony: ... a6a8b25cfc

AMV Wars 2014:

VAT Competition Showing Friday Night:

VAT Competition Showing Saturday:

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