Platinum badge room perks??

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Platinum badge room perks??

Postby Mealice » Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:04 am

So quick question I know that youmacon has done something every year with people who have gotten a room at the Ren center on Thursday night and it was listed as some type of perk last year ( I could be mistaken on that perk) but I do know they did try to do something every year but there is no mention of it now. So question is youmacon going to do anything like that this year? I would like to know because I usually book at Greektown ( I love it) but decided to get a reservation at the Ren Cen just for that and it would be a waste if that's not the case.

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Re: Platinum badge room perks??

Postby DragonGirl007 » Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:54 pm

I've never heard of any kind of room perk being offered with a Platinum badge for Youmacon, whether or not you're staying at the RenCen. The only perks you get with a Platinum Pass are front-of-line access to autographs, panels, and events as well as 1-hour early access to the Dealer's Hall each day, and a free voucher for either the Maid Cafe or Charity Ball.

The "room perk" you might be thinking of is the convention rate which the RenCen (and I believe Greektown) offers as well. The rate for rooms at the RenCen this year are $149/night. I don't know about the Greektown's prices.
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