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Discussion and promotion of events besides Youmacon. Read the rules inside for restrictions on starting new threads.

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Rules for posting

Postby King of All Cosmos » Wed Aug 03, 2005 6:23 pm

We have now included this board so that you can talk about other conventions, events, and gatherings. If you are interested in advertising one of these, we ask that you send a PM to ngsilver prior to your posting and we also ask that you also participate on our forum. Dropping a link and then disappearing isn't being too social or friendly.

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Postby mgperkow » Mon Mar 03, 2008 10:34 am

I thought it might be wise to draw attention to the above post, and to the forum rule that it hinges on. That is, unapproved advertising anywhere on the Youmacon forums is not permitted. If you need clarification, consider whether you are making a post that is expressly intended to make money for yourself or some other person or entity. If so, then you need to contact a moderator or administrator to request permission before posting your advertisement (ngsilver would be a good choice, myself, or another moderator would work also). We have seen this rule broken a number of times recently, and those persons breaking it have been issued temporary bans followed by the loss of their posting privileges for several weeks. Again, if you are posting something that is intended to make money, you need permission. Or if you feel it's in a gray area (e.g., advertising a free event or something similar), you'd be safer to PM a mod or admin and get verification about whether permission is needed. Violators of this rule have and will be sanctioned.

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