M2E Connections/Crushes/Shout-Out Thread.

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M2E Connections/Crushes/Shout-Out Thread.

Postby allanime01 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:04 pm

I'm Tyler and I was the Volunteer skipping through the halls as he worked, was the "Avenger" Amateur in the Burlesque show, and was very commonly seen stalki---I mean hanging, with the Lovely Deviants that were at the con. Feel free to add me on facebook (/allanime01) or follow me on tumblr/twitter (allanime01)

Crush wise: Porphy (Cutie as always!) Hex (Ran a great panel and KILLEd it in the Burlesque) and Viv (Cause she can drink like a champ and has a wicked rad mom) as well as the Ruby Gloom Cosplayer! I wish I knew who you were ;w;

Shout-out: Every deadpool, The epic Micheal MCing the many events I attended, Fedorable, the Frozen Cosplay group, and Tom Wayland (without whom I couldnt have made it!), and the Tabletop Room where I made many new friends, played fun games, and had a wonderful time anytime I wasnt working or in a panel.

Loved the con, cant wait for YoumaX and M2E 2015!
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Re: M2E Connections/Crushes/Shout-Out Thread.

Postby SuperSpiralSoul » Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:35 pm

My crushes this convention:
Vivid Vivka, not only because she is highly attractive, but because for the hours spent talking to her in the judging, contest, and hallways, she is a genuine personality~
That Sheik in the cosplay contest. She seemed cool and her working harp made my inner fangirl explode. (i like cool props. hahaha)
That adorable female Rabbit cosplayer with the young redhaired daughter. She was hella cute and her daughter was adorbs~
The Elsa cosplayer that was in the contest. She seemed cool, was cute, and i admire her work. She also felt the need to intervene with me and my buddies discussing our attempt at sleeping with our robot makeup on, which i appreciate because that would have been a bad idea. lol.
Walter Girl Chelsea. She is cute and now i have been made aware that she can dance (if she wants to). dancing is cool.

There was probably a few other cuties but those ones are the ones that stand out in the top of my head.~

As for shout outs:
-Every SPG fanbot/cosplayer! Seen lots of awesome ones and I loved them all!
-the Cosplay Deviants for coming to me and telling me to enter the cosplay contest, which i ended up winning in my category!
-the Captain Mal cosplayer, who i probably seen/talked to at least once every hour for the entire 3 days of the con. You rock dude!
-All the deadpools, because deadpool.
-literally everyone else~
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