ZOMBIE WALK: Downtown Utica - Oct. 13

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ZOMBIE WALK: Downtown Utica - Oct. 13

Postby TatteredXTrivial » Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:51 pm

A new comic shop that opened the beginning of summer - Pop! Comics, Gaming & Caffeine - is hosting their first Zombie Walk in downtown Utica (M-59 / Auburn Road / Van Dyke area.) Detailed information can be found on the event's event's FaceBook page.

Here are the highlights and some important details:

Utica is hosting it's first ever Zombie Crawl and Zombie Walk on Saturday October 13, 2012. This event will benefit The American Red Cross.
The TAKE A BITE OUT OF UTICA ZOMBIE CRAWL is a family friendly event.

All the Crawlers (living and undead) can donate $5.00 to get a wristband and recieve discounts at participating eateries and watering holes. This donation will also give you a discount and line jumper at the SINISTER HAUNTED HOUSE on this day.

Don't know how to get zombified? We will have Zombifying Booths set up to make you look awfully amazing. REMEMBER: being undead is a very messy process. Your clothes WILL get stained, so wear something ratty.
This is where I'll be working! Come say hi to me!~ ♥

All theZombie Crawl fun starts at 2:00pm at POP! Caffeine, Comics and Gaming 45163 Cass Ave. Downtown Utica.

ZOMBIE WALK will begin at 8:00pm. This is a free event that will bring the undead lumbering, lurching and shambeling through downtown starting at POP! and ending at the SINISTER HAUNTED HOUSE on Auburn Road.

* * * REMINDER: Good Zombie etiquette is a MUST! * * *
NO unruly behavior
PLEASE make this event family-friendly for all ages.
PLEASE be polite.
PLEASE watch for traffic! (even real zombies don't like getting hit by cars!)
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