Ren Cen rooms

Attendees looking to share a room or ride for Youmacon.

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Ren Cen rooms

Postby Himeno » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:10 pm

While looking for a room for the convention, I've been going through the facebook groups only to find a large amount of people trying to room stuff.

Hotel rooms, in general, fit 2 people per bed. In most cases, that is 4 people per room. Period.
With the size of many of the rooms in Ren Cen, 4 people is already a tight squeeze, and there are lots of people trying to fit 6+?

Not only is that illegal and a breach of the fire code, it is also a large reason for the massive problems every year with the elevators.

If a hotel finds more then 4 people in a room, they can, and do, kick you out.

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