Couple Looking For A Room

Attendees looking to share a room or ride for Youmacon.

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Couple Looking For A Room

Postby sharkbyte » Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:31 pm

So my boyfriend and I are planning to go to Youmacon together this year. We are in need of a room to stay in. I'm planning on all three days, he may only stay for two, or may stay all three as well (depending on how much time off he can get from school). It will be his first time going, and the 3rd time for me I believe. We are both male, so we prefer LGBT friendly people. (I am also FtM so respect of my gender is a big thing for me.) Youma was my first convention ever a few years ago so I'm pretty familiar with it. We both are on limited income, so we can't afford more than like, $100 at absolute max per person for a room, and are not picky about location so long as it's within reasonable walking distance. A bed would be preferred (since we are a couple) but we are capable of sleeping on the floor if need be too. We are also both over 21. I will likely be cosplaying, but likely will only bring one, maybe two max. He may or may not (he plans to try.) We will likely be out late on rave nights, but for the most part we are pretty quiet and friendly people. He's less shy than I am. Lol. If you have space available please PM me or toss me an email at if you please. My name is Roman, and his is Will.

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