Looking for roommates for 2017

Attendees looking to share a room or ride for Youmacon.

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Looking for roommates for 2017

Postby Ashura09 » Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:40 pm

I have a king sized room reserved in the Marriott and I'm looking for some people to share it with to help cut down on costs. At most, I am looking for three people. It will be from Thursday, November 2 to Sunday, November 5.

A few guidelines though, to make sure the weekend runs as smoothly as possible:

1. You must be over 21 (I'm not babysitting people and females are preferred)
2. I don't want any alcohol or drugs in my room, so absolutely no partying (No illegal activities, either.)
3. Anyone who is interested needs to be okay with paying for at least half of the hotel room cost. The cost will be split further if there are more people, naturally. I will keep all those who are on the list up to date with the cost.
4. I'd prefer it if we met face to face at least once before the con (Skype will work for long distance where it would otherwise be improbable for a meet up) It just makes it easier to find each other and I like knowing people before sharing a hotel room with them.
5. All interested people MUST have their share of the cost upon meet up at the hotel. If you don't have your share, you're out of luck, I'm afraid.
6. The bedspace is first come, first served. I am not going to be providing an air mattress, but I am willing to get a roll in bed as needed. Other attendees are welcome to bring in air mattresses if they wish.

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