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Re: Introductions

Postby AKADave » Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:47 pm

Kaibumi wrote:Hey I'm Taylor, I'm 19 and this was my 4th Youmacon : )
The only other con I've attended that hasn't been youma, was Motorcity comic con last may.
and yeah...Hi! : D

Welcome to the forums :D

I'm AKADave but my friends call me Davy. Enjoy your stay on the forums.
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Re: Introductions

Postby KawaiiDesuSunshine » Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:37 pm

I couldn't find this!!!!!

so hi!! my name is Kallie and i had my first convention this year at youmacon 2012! I had sooooo much fun! I cant wait to go to another one and almost every1 was nice accept a few people :angel:

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Re: Introductions

Postby BehindTheMask » Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:40 pm

Hello Kallie! Youmacon has definitely become something I look forward to each year now.

So, I have been registered on here for a while, but this is my first time coming across this thread. Therefore...

Hello! My name is Gina, and I am still having Youmacon withdrawal. :(

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Re: Introductions

Postby xHetaliaFanGirlx » Wed May 08, 2013 8:43 pm


You can call me Mika! I'm still kinda new to being an otaku really :P Last summer I read my first manga, Dragon Eye! This year (YoumaCon 2013) will actually be my first anime con! I'm cosplaying as Hungary (from Hetalia) and my friend will be Austria (also from Hetalia)! I'm kinda young.. ^^" But i'm not really little like 9 years old :P is a great website, and people on there are what introduced me to anime, and loving all things Japan! I live in Macomb Township Michigan... I mostly listen to Vocaloid, but I also really like Black Veil Brides and Blood On The Dance Floor! I love a lot of anime and manga, to many to count! But one of my all time favorites is Hetalia! Um.. I guess that's all XD Good bye then!~ 8)

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Re: Introductions

Postby Ama-chan » Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:48 pm

Hello. I'm Nikki, but I answer to Ama most of the time, actually. This year will be my second time at Youma, but I've also went to Anime Weekend Atlanta in Georgia, which was a blast. I'm a huge Vic Mignogna fan, so the 16 hour drive was worth it... Not making that drive this year, though, lolz. Anyway, I've been into anime and manga since I was in Elementary school, and am now in college, so its been a very, very long time. I'm on a few other anime related forums as well as this one (a con forum counts, doesn't it?) I'm also into a few other nerd categories, such as Gamer, Whovian, and maybe a little bit of Pegasister. Anyway, I hope to make friends here, and I'll be seeing y'all around the forums~ :D
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Re: Introductions

Postby JuJuBeeyutiful » Sat Jun 22, 2013 10:46 am

Hey there =)

I'm JuJuBeeyutiful, but you can just call me Judy =) I look forward to making a lot more friends in the coming years at youma!

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Re: Introductions

Postby acrosstheuniverse » Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:32 pm

Hi! This is not my first con, but it's gonna be my first YOUMAcon, so i'm really excited to come experience it and get to know people! I have loved anime since I was a kid, but right now I'm massively into Doctor Who and Star Trek, so I'll apologize in advance if it seems like the stuff I post is completely unrelated to the con :)
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Re: Introductions

Postby Goldeneyeuro » Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:14 am

Hey, call me Euro. This is not my first con, but it'll be my first Youmacon. Casual cosplayer, trying to get better with my photography. Hope I have a good time.

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Re: Introductions

Postby NeptuneFanatic » Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:21 am

I'm never any good at introductions buuuut let's see how this goes.

I'm Marie, 17, Senior in high school. I want to attend either Eastern Michigan, Michigan Tech, GVSU, or Michigan State for college (but I'm a U of M fan at heart.) I've been into anime for about 12 years, possibly more. My first anime and first love is Sailor Moon. Without SM, I doubt I'd be the otaku I am today. Um, my favorite Sailor Senshi would be between Uranus and Neptune, but I cosplay Neptune.
I really, really want to learn how to sew. Actually, I want to learn how to do a LOT of things, but I give up on a lot, too.

This will be my third convention, Youma 12 was my 1st, and Shuto 13 was my 2nd. Third time's the charm, right?

I'm a shy person at first, I'd rather be approached than approach someone else. Uh, I'm 17 and so far have never had a boyfriend. I think that's OK, I suppose. :skeptical:

I think about anime and manga all day, every day. No joke.

So, that's me in a nutshell. :angel:
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Re: Introductions

Postby cecilyokami » Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:16 pm

Names Cecily okami 6yr Youmacon goer , hows everyone doing this fine day.

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Re: Introductions

Postby AKADave » Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:52 am

So many new people to welcome!
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Re: Introductions

Postby cactusmomma » Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:28 am

You know.. I've been here for so long and never done one of these..

Hi~ I'm Willow, one of the ADH's of Guest Relations here at Youmacon. I'm from Chicagoland, 30 years old and the momma to an awesome 9 year old..been married to my giant kid of a husband for 8? 10? years? No idea anymore. Anyways. Huge fan of the King of Fighters, Assassin's Creed, and Mass Effect fandoms. I... think this is my..5th? Youmacon? Hopefully our guests will be awesome for you guys this year and that you'll all be able to make new friends and find new things to like!
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Re: Introductions

Postby Ryoko » Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:28 pm

Yo, I'm Big PaPa but if you were at the con last year you may remember me as "Clifford the big red dog". I'm an avid Mikutard and help admin I'm going to be in the works on producing English Miku songs (a few covers to get the feel/vocal range) now that Miku V3 English is going to come out August 31st. (International V3 full ver. September 26th) Other than Miku/Vocaloid/Touhou stuffs I keep current with whatever's airing. Unfortunately I'm not a big gamer or anything of the sort, I just never got into it. But gamers are cool with me, much love and respect there.

Other than that, I work as a network engineer and a network/systems architect. (A+, MCP, NET+, CISSP, CCNT, CCNA, CCNP) One day to have a CCIE... soon...

I was in the Marines from 2004 - 2010 and did 2 deployments to Iraq with 1/4 B co. out of happy Horno in Pendleton (I was one of their RO's and all around comm bubs). Of course being out in the beautiful Californian sunshine I went to AX and Comic Con every year possible.

I had no clue about Youmacon until last year when a friend recommended it, I just always went to JAFAX. But I was pleasantly surprised and so I'll be coming back this year and so on.

-Willy Wonka

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Re: Introductions

Postby lurch » Thu Sep 19, 2013 1:42 am

My names Eric.
Went to yomacon in like 08' area dressed as Vizard ichigo AND you will more notably remember my daughter who dressed as little NEL shouting "DOG PILE"

I plan on going the 2nd of NOV
Going as Kazu

Im 32 anime fan for a while.

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Re: Introductions

Postby sarahsmiles » Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:53 pm

Hi, I'm Sarah,

and nobody ever calls me :( thats why i'm here on this forum. I'm a total newbie to cosplay, I've always loved japanese animae but i never knew cosplay existed outside of japan. i lived in Japan for 6 months and i was always envious of the crazy harijuki kids and wished I could be one too. I'm looking to find some seasoned cosplayers to hang out with. 2013 youmacan will be my first and I thinking of doing a Rise of The Guardians theme.

contact me anytime look forward to meeting some of you folks in november


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