Acen and Hotels

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Acen and Hotels

Postby undead1taco » Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:04 am

I don't know where else to put this D:

I was looking up other conventions just a few minutes ago, because well, I want to expand my con experience :c
I go to MotorCityComicCon sometimes, but over the past few years they really have raised their prices, and for such a small con, I think that's bull crap. (Small because there's not THAT much to do or maybe I just haven't looked that hard).
I was wondering if anyone has ever gone to Acen? Too be honest, the reason I've heard about/want to go mainly is because of GoodsmileCompany... XD
Would driving almost 4 1/2 hours be worth it?

And hotels...

A friend and I discussed staying at a hotel instead of driving an hour to Youmacon this year, but I decided against it since most of the people going with us only want to stay one day. Why stay at a hotel? (Besides being that close to the convention) How do you get there and back? How many people are usually paying? How much do you pay?

I know it's a lot of questions, but I'm just curious for future reference :o Maybe I'll even stay at Acen one day :3
Youmacon 2016 Lineup :3
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Re: Acen and Hotels

Postby DrDtroit » Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:17 pm

I went this year for the first time, and while I thought it's panel selection that year was a bit lacking (and, if it matters, it's game room isn't worth mentioning IMO), but I had a blast! It's never a bad time to even go and meet people, get new cosplay pics, shop a bit, etc etc. Definitely should go if you get the chance!

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Re: Acen and Hotels

Postby Whoo859 » Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:20 am

I've been to Acen twice in a row, and it is f*ckin amazing! Even bigger (by about 10k people, on average) than Youmacon! Biggest con in the Midwest and in the Top 5 Biggest cons in North America :D

The area that Acen is centered around is this awesome 'hotel complex' that surrounds the con festivities for about a 1/4th or 1/3rd of a mile or so. It has, like, **** near ten hotels within a fairly-small radius, including Hyatt, which is the main con hotel. :mrgreen: The hotel prices aren't too bad, I'd say. Pretty similar to Youma's

My only big 'gripe' is that, unfortunately, the Hyatt Regency and Stephens Convention Center are no Renaissance Center :P So nearby food options will be kind of sparse, unless you have a car or wanna take a cab somewhere within a mile or 2 (or 3), I suppose. Although the Hyatt usually has its own pre-cooked food during the day, which I think stops around 9 or 10, though, so unless you have a "small stomach", you're gonna want to really plan ahead food-wise for Acen. There is only a McDonald's and a very-small Mobil fairly-close to the con (i.e. within walking distance) in terms of external food resources. I suppose you could do room service at your hotel, though... assuming you want to shell out that kind of money.

The one big downside of the 'Acen area', however, is that it's not particularly "pedestrian-friendly", so to speak. You REALLY have to watch yourself when getting to and from your hotel room if you're not staying at the Hyatt or a real-close hotel, for instance, esp. if you're staying at, say, the Westin. And there's an area that's kind of narrow on the sidewalk with a metal bar and wall limiting your 'breathing room' considerably at one point... The traffic lights are kind of hard to predict, and there's not a single, "walk/don't walk" signal at any of the nearby intersections to make it at least a little easier to know when's a good, safe time. I dunno about you, but I don't like to take extra risk.

But overall, Acen is loads of fun! I highly recommend it. The general layout of the Hyatt and convention center leave much to be desired when navigating something as big as a huge con with so many people, but it's still worth it.

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