I want to go but not sure if i can/will. Help/advice?

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I want to go but not sure if i can/will. Help/advice?

Postby jessibren » Sun Apr 05, 2015 3:14 pm

So youmacon is my absolute favorite convention I've ever gone to. Everything pretty much exclusive with no additional fees and threes tone of stuff to do 24hours.

I really want to come back because it's my favorite con but i dont think i can and that driving me nuts and upsetting me pretty bad. Thing is everyone i know who like this kind of stuff doesn't want to go because either money, timing bc will all be in school (even though its on a weekend). So yeah i pretty much have no one to go with and i'm really uncomfortable going alone bc im kinda shy and i don't like doing things alone at all. The one friend i use to go with i'm no longer friends with because of some personal stuff.

This all happened last year as well and it makes me really sad and breaks my heart i can't go.

As of current I'm probably not gonna end up going next year or ever again over stuff like this and that breaks my heart.

Kind of just wanted to get the advice of fellow con-goers if they have even been in similar situation and how they dealt with it.

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Re: I want to go but not sure if i can/will. Help/advice?

Postby Damien_Damien » Wed Apr 08, 2015 7:32 am

I went to Youmacon by myself for the first time a few years back, when I first left for college. My sister didn't have the money to come and meet me there, so I hitched a ride and hotel room from the forums. It can be kind of daunting to go alone, and I definitely know the feeling of not wanting to go without a friend, but I found it was just as fun when I got myself there. I can't say that it won't still be kinda scary going alone for the first time, but I think it's worth doing it. I get really bad social anxiety, but it just disappears come con season, and I think part of that is because conventions are something I did alone. Kinda like I proved to myself that I could do it myself, and it'd be okay. I'm not sure if that's totally applicable to you, but I say go for it. If it turns out that coming alone isn't right for you, then that stinks, but at least you'll have tried.

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Re: I want to go but not sure if i can/will. Help/advice?

Postby FR3KACID3NT » Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:49 pm

Don't let going alone discourage you, even super shy people can make friend here. I'm always looking for friends to hang with

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Re: I want to go but not sure if i can/will. Help/advice?

Postby Kev3136 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:14 pm

I used to have the same reservations when going to conventions. Then I started to travel for work, and started to see that it's actually not so bad. Honestly most of the time it was better going alone because I didn't have people trying to drag me everywhere with them, I could enjoy things at my own pace, which was pretty relaxing.

I found that my interest in what I was going for, whether it was anime or gaming really drove me to enjoy the convention itself rather than rely on the people that were there with me. Don't get me wrong it's always fun to have people there with you, but I felt as though I got to enjoy the convention for what it really was when I went alone.

I know it's a big step, and if you feel comfortable and safe with trying it I would say give it a go, there's no harm in trying something once, and there's always room to make new friends.

Since the convention is still a few months away, I would say maybe stick around the forums and try to make some friends here. I've met some good friends from these forums and we actually met for the first time at the convention, which might be something you'd like to do as well.
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