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Online Jpop Idol Radio Station

Postby Machi-chan » Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:16 pm

Hey guys, I figured I'd post this here since if I'm gonna find some people interested in Jpop, I'll probably find some here.

I run an online Radio Station called idol BEATS Radio. It plays music from idols who are currently active in Japan, 24/7. It plays a really good variety (really popular groups, groups you've never heard of, bubbly pop, idol metal, anything in between ;D) I'd love if some of you would check it out and tell friends!

Also, if anyone doesn't really know what "idols" are or wants to know more, I'd love to teach you or talk about it :)

The website also has a giveaway going on right now that you can enter through facebook, twitter, or tumblr (it's really quick and easy to enter) and the randomly selected winners will get to pick a free idol CD out of 29 choices. So you should give it a try~ <3
Check out "idol BEATS Radio", the best place to listen to the Jpop idols of today!
There is a chance to win a free idol CD of your choice (29 choices!) so enter the giveaway by November 10th!

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