10 Things I Think I Thought about the Steelers big win over the Falcons

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10 Things I Think I Thought about the Steelers big win over the Falcons

Postby zhangzk » Mon Oct 22, 2018 9:32 pm

While it is always a good thing to know how to lose well Black Jon Bostic Jersey , we shouldn’t lose sight of this simple truth- winning is better than losing. Here are ten thoughts I think I thought while watching the Steelers destroy the Atlanta (Edie) Falcos.1. I knew it was going to go well when I waited at the light to turn left into Ruffalo Child Sings, and as the light turned green, the car opposite me waved me through. My face lit up and I said to my beautiful wife, “HA! A Pittsburgh left, right here in Indiana.” Unclear on a Pittsburgh left? First, you wouldn’t understand- it’s a yinzer thing. Second, the brainiacs at wiki have you covered.2. I explained to my beloved wife that it was likely to be a shootout, both teams having high powered offenses, and woeful defenses. I was half right. Not only did our defense have a good game (with rules change “inflation,” giving up 17 points today is like giving up 7 back in the day) but they had a good game against a incredibly potent offense. I’m not saying we’re ready to compete for the Super Bowl right now, but the defense really does continue to improve.3. When I was a little kid I couldn’t understand why they called it Franco’s Italian army. It was obvious to me he wasn’t Italian. He was Irish Youth Cameron Heyward Jersey , Frank O’Harris. Yes, during the current games my mind can wander back to older times.4. It was great to see Bud and TJ play “Meet at the Quarterback.” They both need to do well for the defense to succeed. In fact, it was great to see consistent pressure. I know Matty Ice moves at the speed of a glacier, but he had largely been kept off his back this season, until he came to Pittsburgh.5. I wondered if Ben’s pick was not so much the fruit of a failure to realize how much coverage he was throwing into, or too much confidence in combat catches, and was instead the fruit of a weakened arm and bad form, that he has trying to throw it out of the end zone. On the other hand, maybe he was trying for the touchdown, thinking the combat catch odds were better than the odds on a chip shot kick from Boswell.6. Hoping the choreographed celebrations go away soon. The constant need to one-up the previous celebration has led to dumb ideas and distractions from the game. I loved JuJu’s TD catch. That, not his pantomime of giving birth http://www.authenticspittsburghsteelers.com/cheap-vince-williams-jersey , is what I want to remember from that play.7. James Conner. James Conner. James Conner. I’ll never misspell your name again, because I kept seeing the back of your jersey at the end of big plays. Strong indeed. 8. It was quite encouraging to see the great plays spread around so much, on both sides of the ball. It is just possible that more important than transcendent players like Bell and Shazier, what we really need is a good team playing together, and on the same page.9. Last week Joe Haden looked like that former cornerback from the glory days that we used to call Ron Rubber-Ball Johnson. He earned the name by constantly bouncing off receivers, trying to deliver the big hurt, instead of delivering the tackle. Haden, against Baltimore lowered his shoulder, and pinged off several ball carriers. When he managed to be in on a tackle against Atlanta, he tackled like the professional he is. He had few opportunities this week because he was busy being a tour guide introducing Julio Jones to Revis Island, now under new management. Seriously. Julio Jones is quite good at playing football. And Joe Haden owned him.10. I won’t be taking the family to the Bengals game in Cincinnati this year as we did last year. Instead I’m taking my dear wife to a log cabin to celebrate our second anniversary. Of course Black Javon Hargrave Jersey , on the way there we’ll swing by Ruffalo Child Sings for some burgers and the game.NFL Picks: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Chiefs Week 2 You thought the Pittsburgh Steelers had question marks heading into their Week 1 opener against the Browns? After tying Cleveland last Sunday, there might be more questions now than ever as the Kansas City Chiefs come to Heinz Field in Week 2.Nonetheless, the threat of falling 0-1-1 should be plenty of motivation for the Steelers, and playing at home for the first time this season should be a spark plug for a struggling Ben Roethlisberger and company.It isn’t as if the Chiefs won’t have something to say about the outcome. Patrick Mahomes, Sammy Watkins and Tyreek Hill make up the lightning rod which is the Kansas City offense. Let’s just say if both team’s offenses are “on”, there could be more fireworks than a Zambelli fireworks.Keeping the Vegas line in mind (Steelers -4), I see this being a close contest. If you were thinking about a low-scoring defensive affair, while I have learned to never rule such a thing out in the NFL, I would bet against it. This game is going to come down to fundamentals. The team who protects the football, takes advantage of opportunities and turns red-zone possessions into 7-points, and not a field goal Black Artie Burns Jersey , will most likely leave with the ‘W’.I like the Steelers’ offense, even without Bell in the backfield, vs. the Chiefs’ defense, and I even like the Pittsburgh defense, as a collective, against Mahomes and company. Throw in they are playing at home, and I do like the Steelers to win this game. I would be stunned if it were a blowout, but I think the Steelers move their recordto 1-0-1, while they turn their attention to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football in Week 3.PREDICITON:Pittsburgh — 31Kansas City — 27

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