During the summer vacation, I bought

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During the summer vacation, I bought

Postby ylq » Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:53 pm

During the summer vacation, I bought a book Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, "Insects," and I read it with great interest. The book "Insects", I was deeply attracted to it by this book, this book seems sects are small and great. Before I read this book, I hated insects, and I didn't even carefully observe any kind of insects. But when I took this book, I found that I fell in love with these insects: the small beetles gave selfless dedication to future generations Cigarettes For Sale, for the children. The heart is broken, the plasterer is building the house and the spirit of perseverance, the quality of the solidarity and enthusiasm of the ants, and a series of things. A fun and interesting story makes me feel like I am in it, bringing me into the insect world again and again, and by reading this book I have gained a lot of insights. In human life, there are also many things invented by insects. Such as: the invention of the helicopter with the wings of the dragonfly, from fireflies to artificial cold light and so on. Everything about insects gives us a lot of enlightenment. Therefore, we must protect insects. It is also an indispensable member of reading the book of insects, I saw Fabre's love for insects and his observations. As can be seen from her words, insects are lovely, emotional. They are the creatures of nature, the friends of human beings, not the objects of hatred and disgust. In Fabre's book, the insects interpret the classic stories of nature and have something in common with others, so that you have to be surprised and delighted. Today, I am enjoying the pleasure of reading through Fabre's eyes; and Fabre has paid a hard life for this Marlboro Lights, but I have no experience. Only by carefully trying to taste the essence of this book can we have a deeper understanding of the insects he studies Wholesale Cigarettes. Like the author of this book, we must explore nature, learn about animals, plants and insects, and perhaps slowly like nature. Similarly, we want to protect them, not only to protect the ecological balance of nature, but more importantly, they have a lot of things worth learning, and we have to discover and learn. Now, I have deeply loved insects and began to seriously observe their appearance and life Cigarettes Cheaper.

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