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Youmacon 2017 Feedback

Postby Soul Eat3R » Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:52 pm

I didn't see this topic on the Beginning of the site nor in the Forums and it's done every year, so I thought I would Make one (feel free admins to move this, or do whatever you need to with this)

For My 10th Year attending, here's things that went Awesome
- Organization for Autographs AND Stickers was Perfect
- A Nice Blend of Dealers in the Dealers room and not all of one type of Merchant
- Maid Cafe is on point like usual
- Crowd Control via Elevators held better than any previous year
- Staff was understanding yet Professional when needed be.

Here's what needs a little work
- Sundays Schedule Programming felt Lackluster and it had alot of Sewing things and no big events (I know some were leaving, but as the con grows more and more will stay till late/Sunday-Early Monday)
- Details such as the garage sale were never received till it was too late AKA lag on the site for some details
- As a Platinum Attendee, if items are going to be limited to 1 signing due to demand, can at least the Platinum attendees get 2 things signed before having to go to the back of the line (Since the price we pay is double to that of a regular badge, I thinks it's too hard in future years to get 4 things signed at once)
- Obvious this feedback was missing or a panel on feedback as well (Via this post to correct issue)
- Next time if possible and if the con staff has any control, can the parking discounts for the garages attached to the hotel PLEASE give all that parked a discount like years past. (The Hotel Management claimed the Garages didn't give discounts this year on parking and it was $64 for me all 4 days, not expensive, but not cheep either)

Overall, It's my go to Con and Will be back next Year, Bringing friends is a plus as well as alone time for getting away from it all. As the years go by, it's nice to see the con grow and evolve...I just hope that at night I won't feel out of place since I just turned 30 you know and the con doesn't get younger and younger each year but seems to be balanced (Hence your 18-21+ panels help relieve that fear)

Thanks, -J
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