Can this be fixed?

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Can this be fixed?

Postby TidusxSeymour » Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:32 am

Not sure if this is the right area for this, so feel free to move it. The forums seems to have been over run with ad spam. I've found no less than 10 accounts butting into other people's threads, or starting new ones just to advertise stuff. Most of the sites are not all that well known either. One of them was completely unreadable. I could tell that they used google translate to post it. One of the accounts is blatantly lying just to get people to click links. I've reported them, but nothing gets done about it. Pretty sure home renovation has nothing to do with anime, and there the topic sits in the cosplay construction and advice section. I've clicked to report people, and I get a message that they've already been reported for over a week with no action taken against them. All I'm asking is to remove all these silly ads that are cluttering up the forums. I'm pretty sure that radar jammers are not only off topic, but illegal in the US.
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Re: Can this be fixed?

Postby Erranty » Wed Mar 26, 2014 3:39 am

We need diligent community moderators on these forums that have the power to delete posts with a "This comment was deleted and locked by a moderator" in red replacing the text.

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Re: Can this be fixed?

Postby ngsilver » Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:35 am

ATM the best thing users can do is flag the specific posts in question. When I am by and have time to moderate (which I admit is rare these days) I check the general mod area which does list any flagged posts. I then deal with the flagged posts that I see.

The recent rash is not un-common for this time of year and it means that it some ways our spam protection methods have been broken (need a yearly refresh and update) and also just a rash of live human spammers that automatically bypass the protections because they're not meant to stop humans. So yeah, we'll be looking into that.

As for community mods. Honestly, while early on we are against it, I know lately I'm for it. There just hasn't been enough interest in the staff to mod the forums so picking up some mods from the community isn't a bad idea IMHO. If you want to put in your ballot to me made a mod to help quell the spam and move posts, ect. then PM me and mgperkow with a brief disruption of why you want to be a mod and what your view of a well moderated forum is and we'll consider it amongst the administration to determine if we feel you can handle the job. Staff will be considered first.

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