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by Enver
Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:57 am
Forum: 2015 Memories and Feedback
Topic: Video Thread
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Re: Video Thread

Heyo, I forgot to post this here earlier, but here's my AMV for this year's con
by Enver
Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:39 pm
Forum: 2013 Memories
Topic: Photo share thread
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Re: Photo share thread

I don't tend to take photos, but I had a media badge and made the most of filming with my new steadycam, so check out my video footage of the con this year. I'll have a second video posted later this week sometime!
by Enver
Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:30 pm
Forum: 2012 Memories
Topic: Photo Master Post, please share what you have!
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Re: Photo Master Post, please share what you have!

I don't really have many photos, but I do have a video in which there is a cosplay montage, or a costage as I like to call it.
Give it a look-see
by Enver
Thu Oct 18, 2012 4:37 pm
Forum: Cosplay: Video Game and Other
Topic: Obscure, Rare and Original 2012
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Re: Obscure, Rare and Original 2012

I didn't see any threads or replies in this thread for it, but I'm planning to cosplay as Beat from Jet Set Radio Future. I haven't decided on the day yet. I'm also going to be Ryuuji from Toradora with a friend who will be Ami, and Milo from Disney's Atlantis, with the same friend doing Kida. Apart...
by Enver
Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:08 pm
Forum: Cosplay: Anime and Manga
Topic: Durarara 2012
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Re: Durarara 2012

I'll be there as Shizuo. I don't have any other DRRR cosplayers with me, so if anyone wants to get together for a group shoot, that'd be great!

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